Mac Miller Spills About New Projects To Come In 2014

January 10, 2014

Mac Miller

21-year-old rapper, Mac Miller always seems to have something up his sleeve. Not only is he an incredible rapper, the Pittsburgh native loves to surprise his fans and put out unique and creative music. His latest album, Watching Movies with the Sound Off was big for Mac and his fans went absolutely crazy for his new sound.

Although Mac’s past albums were amazing, he has much more to come for 2014. Mac teased his fans that he has four different ideas in the works for this year. Fans got confused thinking he meant four new albums, but the rapper explained this in a tweet yesterday stating, i never said 4 albums were coming out in 2014. i just said i was working on 4 separate ideas. we’ll see what happens.” Mac even gushed that he has four albums with at least seven songs on each in the works but like he stated on twitter, that does not mean all four will be coming out in 2014. He also explained that there will be a follow up album to Watching Movies with the Sound Off which was actually an accident. He said that this will be his next studio album and we will just have to wait and see what will come.

Mac Miller

If you know Mac Miller at all, you know he loves to go by an alias. His most favourited one would definitely be Larry Fisherman. Mac has used this alias since 2012, as well as Larry Lovestein, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he came up with a new one for 2014. After headlining his own tour this past year, Mac has clearly been going hard in the studio. In interviews, Mac tends to explain his techniques in quirky ways and explains that what he’s doing is to make music better. It is evident by his music that he likes to rap about real people and personal human experiences. There is no doubt in my mind that Mac is an awesome rapper and he will only get bigger and better in the years to come.

As a Mac Miller fan myself, I am excited for this coming year. If you haven’t seen Mac live yet, I highly recommend you do so. The soon to be 22 year old is a lot of fun on stage and has a presence about him that makes an audience go crazy. Mac’s crew is also a big part of his success being that he’s been rolling with the same bunch of guys since high school. Mac has always been loyal to his buddies and that will never change. Although Mac can be a little weird and quirky at times, he wants to be different than the rest.

Be sure to follow Mac on twitter at @MacMiller and follow his tweets and plans for 2014. You can get Watching Movies with the Sound Off here if you haven’t already:

– Alana K. (@alanakellyMD)

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