Lorde Takes Over Grammy’s with “Royals”

January 27, 2014


In the midst of her teen years, she has pulled the music industry into the palm of her hands with a hurricane. Industry veterans look for her approval while young starlets look for her guidance, all for good reason as she seems to know exactly what she is doing.


Ella Maria Lani Yelich-O’Connor, better known as Lorde, set foot on the middle stage of the Grammy’s and began her performance of “Royals” on a rhythmic note with only an echo and periodic drum beats. For some, this would be a risky venture but at the ripe age of 17, Lorde has a control over her vocals some musicians will never master in their life-long careers. Pushing the right keys and hitting the proper levels she leads us into the full track with all instrumentals blaring.

So without a question, the only thing out of character for Lorde last night may have been her straightened hair – normally in a curled craze. After taking two Grammy’s home, Lorde took to twitter to give praise to her bestie T-Swift:

“Very proud of @taylorswift13 tonight. one of the most masterful performers i’ve seen.”

She followed up with another tweet reading,

“I am so grateful for the attention my work has received tonight and this year. thankyou and goodnight.”

Were it not for her quirky manner on stage, we would be wrapped up in the illusion that she is in fact not only 17-years-old but a sophisticated woman in her mid 20s.


After “Royals,” her second single “Team” has made its own noise all over media, which leaves us with no other choice but to rightfully praise the rest of her album. So dive into Lorde’s music and let it shock you that she’s at the roots of her career, only just beginning to blossom!

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– Sara Soulati (@SaraSoulati)

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