Ke$ha Makes Directorial Debut: “Dirty Love”

January 15, 2014

On the evening of December 31st, while we were all knees deep in New Year’s Eve plans, Ke$ha was releasing the music video for “Dirty Love,” the latest single off her 2012 album, Warrior. The video marks Ke$ha’s directorial debut, and is also her personal favorite off the album.

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Knowing the glitter queen, it wasn’t hard to predict what Director Ke$ha would have in store for audiences. Sure enough, the music video included glitter in almost every shot, was made complete by a couple of bearded drag queens, and concluded with Ke$ha waking up in a literal pile of glitter…or as she captioned it on Youtube, “Death by glitter.” As per usual, she struts around the peep show set reeking of rebellion and flaunting her sexual liberation while repeatedly singing, “I just want your dirty love”.

While the video’s visual elements definitely live up to what we would expect from the artist, it is missing one thing: Iggy Pop.  The album version of the song features vocals from the rock legend, but for whatever reason, Iggy is nowhere to be found in the racy music video.


Personally, I enjoy the fact that Ke$ha’s NYE release was relevant to the holiday, and shows Kesha showering in champagne and playing with sparklers. The video’s release completed a successful year for Ke$ha. Her MTV reality show My Crazy Beautiful Life, which follows her personal and professional life, wrapped its second season last month. She also teamed up with Pitbull on his single “Timber,” and is currently working on a new album.

We expect her to continue to release more videos for songs from Warrior while we wait new music. Until then, hold tight and enjoy some “Dirty Love.”

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— Jenni Moore (@JenniferKayMo)

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