Katy Perry Was on Fire at the Grammys… Literally!

January 27, 2014


While Katy Perry was being interviewed by Ryan Seacrest on the Grammy’s Red Carpet, she teased what her performance later on in the night would entail. “I was hanging out with Stevie Nicks, that’s why I was late,” she said. “Actually my performance is kind of inspired by her. Let’s just say one of my favorite lines, ‘Which witch is which?’ It’s very spooky. It’s very dark.” I remember thinking to myself, “What does that mean?!” I know that the song makes reference to magic and mythical creatures, but I never expected this performance….

The performance opens with Katy inside of a crystal ball, with lots of thunder, smoke, and mythical creatures in the background. As the crystal ball rises so she can exit, she seems to be performing witchcraft on the other people on stage, she then takes off her purple cape and a red cross appears on her chest. After that a large horse appears on stage and Juicy J comes out. She then begins to pole dance on a broomstick in the background as Juicy J raps his verse. After his verse is done, suddenly a ring of fire appears surrounding Katy. The performance comes to a close with her being burned at the stake.


Now granted, throughout this entire performance I was puzzled because Halloween is still 10 months away, but then I understood exactly what Katy was doing. If you’ve never been to one of her shows, I highly suggest you look into it (tickets for her Prismatic World Tour just went on sale earlier this week). Katy brings her songs to life during her shows, and that is exactly what she was doing last night – bringing “Dark Horse” to life.

So in the end, the performance definitely lived up to its name “Dark Horse”. It might have been twisted and different, but I loved every second of it.

You can watch the performance here in case you missed it- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TpJ1npMCyqE#t=0

-Brittany D. @ItsBritMeow

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