Kacey Musgraves Follows Her Arrow to Grammy Success!

January 28, 2014


Following her own arrow down the path of success, Kacey Musgraves’ performance on the 2014 Grammy Awards blew us all away with her incredible vocals and super catchy lyrics.

Appearing with a short little dress and sparkling cowboy boots, Kacey pulled out her acoustic guitar and sang live to her single “Follow Your Arrow.” Adding her own personality to the show, colorful cacti were set on stage, giving the delivery of the song a little something extra. Her performance may not have been full of fire or back up dancers but it was full of truth and pure talent. Anything too outrageous would have been unnecessary. Kacey let her lyrics speak to her audience in a simple way.


Kacey’s vocals were nothing but perfection and this performance certainly made me gain a new respect for women in country music. Beating out the beloved Taylor Swift twice in one night, Musgraves blew me away with her catchy tune and ability to walk onto the country music scene with ease. Winning for best country song, “Merry Go Round,” and best country album, Same Trailer Different Park, Kacey is one you might want to start watching.

Starting out the night in a light pink glitzy Armani Prive dress, and ending it in her performance wear, Kacey was a showstopper in every way! I would recommend giving all of Kacey’s album a listen to and I can almost guarantee you’ll fall in love! This 25-year-old country star won’t be leaving the spotlight anytime soon, so we highly recommend you check out the rest of her amazing music!

-Sophie @sophiepipitone

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