Hunter Hayes Takes to the Grammy Stage With New Single!

January 28, 2014


You probably know Hunter Hayes for his hit song, “Wanted”, which made just about every girl swoon at his adorable lyrics and looks. But, debuting his new single, “Invisible,” at the 2014 Grammy Awards, showed a new side of Hunter, one we have never seen before. There is no doubt in my mind that this song is hitting home for teenagers around the world.

Being the first song released from Hunter’s album; “Invisible,” preaches to the ones who dare to do something different, wishing for the invisibly to disappear. According to Hayes, this song hits close to home. Last week, on The Ellen Degeneres Show, he explained how the opportunity to share something personal for the first time at the Grammys almost moved him to tears. I’m guessing there were definitely a few tears shed from the audience during this outstanding performance.

Hunter started things off slowly, letting his vocals and skills on the piano take control. He allowed the lyrics to speak for themselves while we got a chance to appreciate the stunning words. Hunter’s passion for the topic was almost tangible. Sitting at home watching live, I was even inspired by how much this new single means to him. Though towards the middle and end of his performance Hunter’s voice wavered, the message stood tall. Almost everything about the performance was right on point.

Hunter’s overall performance was quite amazing if you ask me. The courage it takes to express those feeling in front of the world is a quality not many people possess. If you are as in love with “Invisible” as I am, you can purchase it on iTunes and be sure to keep an eye out for news on Hunter’s upcoming album!

-Sophie @sophiepipitone

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