Hop In Lily Allen’s Air Balloon!

January 20, 2014

lily allen

After listening to Lily Allen’s newest hit “Air Balloon” , I’m quite embarrassed to admit that  I had never listened to her music prior. But I’d like to officially say I’m her newest fan!

Lily Allen released “Air Balloon” earlier this week, which marks the second track released from her highly anticipated, untitled third album. This song is quite unique for me (well all English music is unique compared to American music but whatevs), and the beat makes this song perfect for the upcoming Spring season. Take a listen to “Air Balloon” below!

Somebody remind me where I am,  Miami or Timbuktu?

Did I ever tell you that my uncle’s monkey ran away from the zoo?

Well, no but you have now Ms. Allen! Allen took to Twitter back in June 2012 with producer Greg Kurstin which obviously put her fan base in a wreck. She initially referred to the collab as “throwing shit at the wall”, but fast forward a year and a half to November 2013, and she’s releasing new music! “Hard out Here” was the first track released back Allen back in November, but nobody knows when this third album will be released or what it will consist of. Without a doubt, “Air Balloon” is really unique and a bit different from the music Allen has released in the past, and it’s a breath of fresh air for people unfamiliar with English music. I’d go off to say that her new album will be a smash regardless of when the release date is! Take a listen to “Air Balloon”, get lost in your own head, and tweet us those thoughts at @weknowthedj on Twitter!

-Blake M


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