The Foo Fighters are hoping This Will Be Their Year

January 22, 2014

“Hands on a miracle, I got my hands on a miracle” is what all Foo Fighter fans will soon be singing through the streets when they finally get their hands on a new CD from their favorite band.

The return of the Grammy-winning group has been much-anticipated since they topped the 2011 charts with their 7th album “Wasting Light”. The band posted a picture of their new LP tapes on their Twitter account (@foofighters) on January 16th, sending their 1.5 million followers into a frenzy over their comeback. Captioning the photo with “It’s F—ing ON” on Instagram, it seems that the Foo Fighters are ready to rock n’ roll their new music out to the world. 


Lead singer Dave Grohl talked to Rolling Stone in November 2013 about the writing process, saying, “it’s badass. We’re doing something that nobody knows about, it’s f—ing rad. We begin recording soon, but we’re doing it in a way that no one’s done before and we’re writing the album in a way that I don’t think has been done before.”

Although it is unclear when the album will be released, MTV named their 8th album as one of the “Most Anticipated of 2014”. Their most recent performances were on December 11 and 13 in Mexico City, Mexico amping up the excitement for a future tour that could possibly be in the works for 2014. (Check out the video below of them singing “Best of You” from the concert.)

It’s expected that they will play some new songs during their next shows, as the Foo Fighters are set to play at the Bud Light Hotel New York on February 1st before the Super Bowl the following day. Then they head to the Firefly music festival in Dover, Delaware this June as a headliner with other major artists.  Even though “The Last Song” was a on a record released in 2005, it’s obvious that the Foo Fighters aren’t going anywhere.


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-Lauren Fabiszak (@kidrauhlsjonas)

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