What 2014 Will Sound Like!

January 9, 2014


We ended off 2013 with our favourite moments of the year, so here we’ll share with you a few things we want to see happen this year! Every year is full of musical surprises wether its an unexpected album (Beyonce) or an artist we hadn’t heard from for some time (R. Kelly).

In regards to the way things have ended in 2013, here is what we predict will happen…

10. Justin Timberlake’s Take-Over… Continued 


When he broke his 6-year break and hit us with two albums in 2013, we thought that would be it but he’s carrying it all out into 2014 with his continued 20/20 Experience Tour worldwide. We have a feeling the taste of success will weigh heavily on his decision to make some new music this year! Keep your eyes peeled.

9. Drizzy in a Theatre Near You? 


After the release of his HIGHLY anticipated NWTS Drake told us he was happy with his music for now, and would like to venture back into acting for a while! Could this mean an appearance on Degrassi or an entirely new project?

8. Miley Settles Down! 


So most of 2013 was about her music, and a little less about her love life (we won’t get into it) but hey, maybe she’ll put this years success in her back pocket and find herself a free-spirited partner! OR… we predict she’ll keep us on our toes and take this year by storm. This means more music, and more music videos that get you talking!

7. Pretty Little… Country Singer!? 

Our favourite TV show character Lucy Hale from Pretty Little Liars has ventured off into the world of country music and 2014 might be the year she puts her head all into it! To kick off the New Year, we got a music video to her latest…

We can’t wait for more!

6. The Dawn of the Boy Bands


weknowthedj favourites: Midnight Red 

Backstreet came and went, N*SYNC blew us away, then after years of loneliness the boy band craze made a come-back! With bands like One Direction and The Wanted leading us into this generation, we’ve noticed an influx of boy groups taking over the radio waves! So we predict a 2014 full of new and dreamy boys making music!

5. Gaga will Rule! 


ARTPOP may not have brought in the numbers we anticipated but being one of the first stars of our generation on social media, Lady Gaga knows what she’s up to and with recent shuffling in her management, a fresh-minded Gaga is ready to take 2014 as her own. We predict this is going to be her year.

4. Country Will Continue to Take-Over 


2013 we saw country music put its foot in the door of mainstream but with artists like Nelly making country collaborations such smash hits, we predict it’s a trend nowhere near fading! Learn to love it, because we predict it’ll be around much longer.

3. A Year of Time Travel! 


No, not actual time travel. But in the last few years we’ve taken everything from fashion to film back to their original roots from as far back as the 70s. So, we predict some heavy 80s-90s influence on new music coming our way this year!

2. The Most Viewed Television Wedding of the Year 


We’re not talking about the Royal wedding, it’s Kimye! This year we’ll be able to see the extravagant proposal on screen when the new season of Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s airs and hopefully, if we’re lucky, we’ll get an inside look at the wedding as well! We predict it will be a huge hit.

1. Justin Bieber Gone For Good?


Last but not least, the beloved Biebs, is he retiring? For the 100th time, if we haven’t made it clear already, we assure you he won’t be disappearing into the cold blizzards of Canada. He’s far too talented! We predict a well-deserved break from work, then a full throttle Pop/R&B take-over for the last half of the year!

What do you think of these predictions? Do you have any of your own? We would love to know them so tweet us now on @weknowthedj!

-Sara Soulati (@sarasoulati)

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