Drake on SNL! What You Missed:

January 20, 2014

Drake was on double duty last night as Saturday Night Live’s musical talent guest and host. As the very first host and guest of 2014, he displayed his acting skills and poked some fun at his hometown of Toronto. He wasn’t the only one in the spotlight though because Sasheer Zamata made her SNL debut as the first African-American female cast member since 2007!


Here are a few highlights from the night:

Cold Open: 

In a clever and mapped out spoof of Piers Morgan, Drake showcased his impression of A-Rod down to the lip smacking, Bobby Moynihan proved there do remain other politicians to ridicule aside from Rob Ford but all credit is due to Kate McKinnon, whose Bieber impression had us in hysterics between the crotch grabs and quick camera tiger poses.


Giving a short Canada 101 lesson to the American audience and managing to rhyme “Rihanna” with “Hanukkah,” Drake laid out all his Canucks cards on the table while taking a stab at Rob Ford, “the city of Toronto,” he said. “Where the rappers are polite and the mayor smokes crack.” The second half involved flashbacks to his Bar Mitzvah where apparently things were centred around him rapping about bagels, Matzo Balls and Kanye.

Hip Hop Classics Before They Were Stars:


Drake as Lil Wayne

Kenan Thompson got impressively deep in the role while playing MTV host Sway as he introduced never before seen footage of Hip Hop artists in their acting roles before they became famous, much like Drake’s early days with Degrassi. Rihanna (Zamata) stood in for Mayim Bialik as Blossom, twerking and blowing smoke during the theme song. Flavor Flav was the voice over for Fred Savage’s character on The Wonder Years, Rick Ross was exposed for his role as the red teletubby and Drake was frighteningly skilled at playing the part of Lil Wayne as Steve Urkel and Jay Z.



The slightly creepy yet somehow hilarious sketch brought out Drake as a middle-aged nerdy father sporting a bushy mustache. Aidy Bryant played a slumber party guest who was consistently trying to make a pass at her friends dad, Drake. It wasn’t until the end that we find out she’s a 25-year-old who had been in a Vicodin coma, therefore unable to hold in her hormones. Quite the twist.

Best Performance: 

Of his two sets, Drake’s medley of “Hold On” and “From Time” where he is joined on stage by Jhene Aiko left us in awe. His soft voice behind the piano riffs were the second most noteworthy moments after his ending touches with Jhene where they exchanged clever play-off lines off the song singing, “you need you some of this Drake love,” “cut to commercial break love, so that we can make love”


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-Sara Soulati (@sarasoulati)

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