“Brave” Enough to take the Stage with Carole King?

January 29, 2014

This past Sunday, the biggest night for any and every musician took place. The 56th annual Grammy Awards, which was hosted by LL Cool J, was nothing short of an amazing show. There were plenty of performers who killed the stage: Beyoncé, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Jay-Z, Lorde. The list could go on and on. A particular performance that took me by surprise was none of those however, but a classic artist, paired with an artist who made her début only a few years ago.

The duo was none other than Carole King and Sara Bareilles. Sara Bareilles, who was also  nominated for Album of the Year and Best Pop Solo performance, took the stage with the legendary singer / songwriter, Carole King. 


Sara Bareilles is the artist of whom everyone knows her song, but no one knows who sings it. Bareilles hit the scene in 2007 with the upbeat, fun tune “Love Song” (told ya you knew it). Bareilles has been in the music scene for some time now, with hits like “Love Song”, which earned her a spot on the Billboard Pop Top 100, and a Grammy nomination for Song of the Year in 2009. “Many the Miles”, and “Gravity”, were also on the album “Little Voice.” Her songs have graced commercials, multiple music television programs, as well as movies. 


Many people know King as a pioneer in women’s music. People have looked up to her for years, and she has written songs for multiple female artists. King, who is known for hits like “A Natural Woman” (later sung by Aretha Franklin), “So Far Away” (A personal favorite), and “Beautiful”.  King paired her raspy voice with Bareilles’ crisp sound and took the crowd by surprise. The duo’s performance was a merged rendition of King’s Beautiful and Bareilles’ Brave.  King opened the song with her first few lines from Beautiful, before Bareilles took over and sang Brave. Throughout the song, King continued to add lyrics from Beautiful in the rendition before she ended the song with the final tid-bits of the classic. Not only was this a wonderful choice, considering they both very much encourage women empowerment, but it also made for a beautiful performance. Her admiration was clear to every viewer, whether at home or at the live show, when Sara jumped up and down after the duet came to an end and grasped hands in front of their matching pianos. Sara let everyone know that Carole was her inspiration, and it was an honor to perform with her. 


-Dominique H. (@nique1992)

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