American Idol-Week 1: Do you have what it takes?

January 22, 2014


“You’re going to Hollywood!!” Those are the four words that every American Idol contestant is dying to hear in the hopes of moving on to the next round. Season thirteen of American Idol, which had a two night premiere: Wednesday January 15 and Thursday January 16 showed that, while American Idol is nothing new to America, it still draws millions of hopefuls to each audition site in the hopes of impressing the judges, who this season are: Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and Harry Connick Jr.

Like I said, this season was no different: Millions of hopefuls, millions of viewers, intimidating panel of judges, some contestants with amazing talent, and some with not so amazing talent, and lastly hosted by the one and only Ryan Seacrest. The auditions are always the best part of American Idol, seeing the contestants that wow you is always a treat. This season a few of the contestants did just that. Not only did they wow the judges, and the audience, but wowed myself as well.

To list every contestant that wowed me, and, or the judges might take a while, so what I am going to do is tell you a few of my favorites.

The first contestant I feel in love with was Steven Curd. An 18 year old clerk from San Antonio, TX. This was actually his second Idol audition, but was did not stop him from advancing once again. Steven sang an original song with a very mellow, what Harry Connick Jr. said was a “coffee shop sound”. He was very laid back with inspirations such as: Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz. As I’m sure you now know, he did receive the Golden Ticket so sought after that advances him onto Hollywood.

Contestant two was Ryan Clark. 22 year old Clark is a bartender from San Marcos, TX. Clark’s audition song was “Ordinary People” by soul singer John Legend. Clark has a beautiful soul sound that adds something special to his songs. He said his inspirations are John Legend as well as Billy Joel.

A contestant that made quit the entrance was Emmanuel Zidor. Zidor is a 24 year old airline ramp agent originally from Atlanta, GA, currently living in Miami FL. What made this entrance so unique was Zidor crawling in singing “Beautiful Nightmare” by the queen herself, Beyonce. His audition song was “I Believe” by Whitney Houston. Zidor stated that his passion is what makes him the next American Idol, he has been told his entire life that he would never make it and he is ready to prove everyone wrong. He captured the judges’ hearts, as well as millions of others around the world.

The first two days of auditions proved incredibly fulfilling with more than thirty contestants advancing to Hollywood from Boston, MA. , Austin TX. , And San Francisco CA. Make sure to tune in as they continue auditions Wednesday (1/22), Thursday (1/23), and the following Wednesday (1/29) and Thursday (1/30).

Dominique Hicks (@nique1992)

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