Wait For A Minute Music Video by Tyga & JB! Watch Here:

December 20, 2013


We’ve been waiting for this clip for longer than a minute, and it could not have come sooner. One of our favourite collaborations of the year has released their music video, at last!

The world first heard this track through fan-recorded mp3s at a club where our very own DJ Tay James was mixing. Months after we got our hands on the official track on WeKnowTheDJ Radio Volume 3 and then a mixed and mastered final cut on iTunes! Safe to say, this catchy tune has come a long way.

We could go on for hours about Tyga’s seductive tone, Bieber’s deep cooing or even the irresistible beat but today we zero in on the visuals.

The setting of the video takes place in a futuristic themed area blended with a medieval castle. Flashes, off-white & grey colouring is what we see behind a lonely Tyga in the first scene. As the walls open up, paparazzi creep in behind while flashing their camera’s, the way they’re notoriously good at doing. The camera-flashing papz turn into a mob of people running towards Tyga in the next second; until he hits his watch and has them all freeze in their steps! Naturally, because Tyga told them to “Wait For A Minute,” right?

A close-up of the Biebs is the next shot we see until he’s with Tyga, un-freezing their love interests in order to get away from the mobs. Aching for a moment alone with his girl, Bieber┬áreminisces while looking into the distance and singing “it’s just the way, that way, that way, that you do me babe.”

Amongst the craziness and the hectic chase from people, we can always count on Tyga to come in on a verse looking cool and collected. He’s oozing confidence in a sharp leather outfit rhyming, “you hatin’ on the Internet, I couldn’t even notice!”

Cutting corners, never with a minute to spare, both these guys catch their breathes when falling through the doors to the outside, only to find more flashes and more people. So we can only hope they found their “dream place for a minute” during that hasty chase.

Check out the video to “Wait For A Minute” Above and let us know what you think! Was it at all that you expected it to be? Tweet us at @weknowthedj

Both Bieber and Tyga have been busy lately with their music. With Justin coming off his 156+ show tour and nearly the end of his Music Journals releases approaching, as well as Tyga who a week ago, dropped his “Well Done” mixtape. 2013 is ending on a great note for these two, and we suggest keeping an eye out in the new year for more.

-Sara Soulati (@sarasoulati)

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