Sage the Gemini, Justin Bieber & IamSu Team Up to Remix “Gas Pedal”

December 20, 2013


If you love a good remix, you need to listen to iTunes’ newest addition, the remix to Sage The Gemini’s Gas Pedal. We’ve been constantly teasing on Twitter (@weknowthedj) that the rest of 2013 holds many surprises and we’ve been warning our followers to “expect the unexpected.” After releasing the original version of the track back in March 2013, Sage the Gemini is back with a couple of friends—the remixed version of the track features the one and only Justin Bieber and rapper IamSu.

One would think that this track could not be sped up any more, but believe us… it can and it has been! Bieber makes an appearance almost immediately on the track with lyrics very different than what we’ve been hearing from Music Mondays, “I put my foot down that’s the way it is, suck it good, what you see is what you get.” Justin’s current life choices are a very prime example of “what you see is what you get,” as he continues to grow as a person while trying his hardest to not focus on the negativity received from nearly all media outlets. Bieber’s appearance on the remixed track was a pleasant surprise just after midnight on Friday morning. Providing sixteen bars for the remix, as well as part of the chorus, is Justin Bieber proving he’s more than a pop singer? As we’ve experienced with soulful ballads week-after-week since Heartbreaker’s release on October 7th, an appearance on a rap track is exactly what we like to hear from 19-year-old Bieber.

As the track progresses, Sage the Gemini’s original portions of the song remain constant until later in the song with IamSu makes his appearance, proving it’s clearly not his first time rapping! The 24-year-old California native has had a knack for rapping for as long back as he can remember and recently released “$uzy 6 Speed,” a mixtape featuring collaborations with Juvenile, Problem and Wiz Khalifa.

The rapper comes in on the Gas pedal remix with, “I hope she ain’t looking for no Prince Charming, charm your ass in the cab on the next morning,” portraying his need for a fun night with no attached commitment. The 24-year-old will undoubtedly gain millions of fans from this collaboration as he found a way to get Bieber’s devoted fans on his side. Rapping, “make haters believers, or Beliebers,” IamSu might have just been making a reference to Bieber’s joint-collaboration but he also (possibly unintentionally) referenced the current mood of the music industry. People are beginning to recognize Justin’s potential and talents while judging him on the music instead of his past physical appearance—very clearly, Justin has transformed from “the swoop” to “muscles and tats.”

We’ve been listening to the remixed version of Gas Pedal constantly since its release and we’re curious to see what we can expect from the trio in the future! Will Bieber completely transition to the rap scene? Will Sage the Gemini put out a remix to his other popular hit, “Red Nose?” Will IamSu becoming a huge star? We want to know your opinions to all of these questions and we want to know what you think about the track! Gather your thoughts and feelings into 140 characters and send us a tweet at @weknowthedj!

Alana K. (@alanakellyMD) & Meg C. (@meganciampo)

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