“Believe” Premiere Chaos Marks End of Era

December 23, 2013

Justin Bieber’s Believe movie première was set to open at 7pm on Wednesday Dec. 18. I was one of the lucky fans who snatched up some advanced screening tickets from a website called Gofobo.com. We were instructed to arrive early, as our tickets did not guarantee a seat. First come, first serve. Thus, a dedicated group of Beliebers were situated outside the Regal L.A. Live theater as early as 5am to be the first in line to see Bieber’s long anticipated follow-up to Never Say Never. By the end of the morning, hundreds were lined up outside, with countless more milling around the venue.


Regal LA Live security told fans they would need to choose between waiting in line for the movie versus waiting to view the purple carpet show which would air on MTV News. Consequently, on one side of the building was a long line of people waiting patiently (anxiously) for admittance to the movie, while another group of fans huddled up to watch the stars walk the purple carpet. Since there were only 800 seats available, a large amount of fans would not get in. However, purple carpet viewers were told that some of them would also have a chance to receive tickets to the movie as well.

The Purple Carpet

As 7pm loomed closer, the Beliebers by the purple carpet received pizza and purple roses as a kind gesture from their idol for their troubles. The audience squeeled and celebrated as celebs like Jaden Smith, Kylie Jenner, Gabby Douglas, and Mike Posner arrived. Co-hosts Christina Garibaldi and Debby Ryan (Disney’s “Jessie”) interviewed key players: manager Scooter Braun, big bro Usher, and “Believe” Director Jon M. Chu. Both Scooter Braun and Bieber verified the need for the singer to take a break after the movie’s release.

Via Instagram.com/justinbieber

Via Instagram.com/justinbieber


Donning sunglasses and a red jacket, Bieber arrived on the carpet with a posse of similarly dressed gentlemen. When asked about his resolutions for 2014 Bieber answered: “I want to figure out myself as a man.” Bieber also voiced his need to spend more time with his family. Says Bieber to his “family” of Beliebers: “I want to say thank you so much to each and every one of you for staying by my side,” he said. “I love you with all my heart.”

Watch Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun’s explain what Justin Bieber’s hiatus will entail:

As a reference to Bieber’s increasing interest in street art, graffiti artist Alec Monopoly did an art installation on the carpet that was inspired by the cover art for JB’s Music Journals series. The piece was painted live and would be auctioned off for charity. However, the works were not completed because the cans ran out of paint.

Paul Walker’s daughter, Meadow was also in attendance. Although she did not attend the purple carpet, she did come to L.A. Live to enjoy the movie. It was her first public appearance since her father’s death

Bieber Fever Backfires 

Meanwhile, on the other side of the building, front-of-the-line-fans who were missing the purple carpet show were reassured by Regal security that they would be the “lucky” ones who would get in to see the movie.



But when the movie-awaiting fans saw their wristbanded friends from the purple carpet being wrongfully admitted before them, they rushed the building and tried to force their way into the theater. Beliebers quickly swarmed the lobby from both sides. Pushing, screaming, crying and panicking ensued until the fire marshall showed up and began evacuating the fans. Ticketholders, people who had waited in line since 5am, and even some who travelled from other states were turned away from the event, as the première was temporarily shut down. After the evacuation, a small amount of fans were granted admittance to see the movie. However, the movie had already started and those fans missed the first chunk of the film.

This unfortunate series of events was undoubtedly the result of poor planning, misinformation being passed from L.A. Live staff, and the fan-caused chaos that worsened the situation to the point of no return.


I was one of the few and lucky people who managed to weasel their way back into the venue after the first thirty minutes. My premium seats were embellished by including samples of Bieber’s newest perfume The Key. In the super-sized stadium theater that included Bieber himself, his close friends and family, Believe Tour performers, and many other A-listers, we all watched in awe at Jon M. Chu’s striking spectacle that was the “Believe” movie.


I won’t spoil too much for you guys but there are a couple things that I MUST mention. First of all, the concert footage is truly stunning. Jon M. Chu has become an enabler of Bieber Fever by allowing us to bask in this exceptional view of Believe Tour show. With close-ups of the star’s face and an increased focus on the dance aspects of the show, “Believe” gives us the chance to see the immense passion that Bieber brings to his performances. A variety of camera angles emphasized Bieber’s interactions with audience members, and gave us a tiny glimpse into what it’s like to be in his position on that stage.

The second thing that I have to tell you is that you will definitely laugh, probably cry, and even be a little frightened while watching the film. Like “Never Say Never” this film includes hilarious fan reactions, some terrifying fan mob scenes, and the heartbreaking story of the life and loss of Belieber sweetheart Avalanna Routh.

The Belieber pandemonium that occurred at the premiere is just one example of how quickly things can escalate under Justin Bieber’s empire. His career is a series of highly publicized successes, and controversial events that lead to extremely heightened reactions from both critics and fans.Besides,  if the messiness of this premiere was any indication, Justin Bieber’s break will be beneficial for not only his own sanity, but also for fans who suffer from particularly debilitating cases of Bieber Fever.

But don’t worry Beliebers; Justin has given us plenty to look forward to in 2014! Justin Bieber’s long awaited #Journals album coming out December 23rd, and we are still waiting on dates for the “Confident” music video. That’s more than enough material to get us through for a while, and Justin has also said that there is something “special” to come after the new year. But for the moment, buckle up and get ready to Believe.

– Jenni Moore (@JenniferKayMo)

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