Does the Release of “Journals” Mark the End for Justin Bieber?

December 24, 2013

tumblr_my9le26kls1sflh6io1_500Where are the similarities between an alien living in a backpack, lost love, a night in a club, a city in Tennessee and a flat-lining heart? According to Justin Bieber, these are all appropriate topics to include on his brand new, number one album, Journals. On the surface, they seem like an odd combination but in true Bieber fashion, the nineteen-year-old makes them work together almost perfectly! The release of Journals, another album from “the kid,” at midnight, this past Sunday marked the end of Bieber’s self-proclaimed, Music Mondays. Week by week, the Boyfriend singer let us into his heart and expressed all of his feelings through the music, making the records even more special for his beloved Beliebers.


Since October 7th, fans of Bieber have taken the time to memorize the lyrics of Heartbreaker, All That Matters, Hold Tight, Recovery, Bad Day, All Bad, PYD, Roller Coaster, Change Me, and Confident almost instantly. Never one to take the easy route, Bieber refused to end the Music Monday era with ten tracks as originally planned. With his notebook full of songs always in tow, Justin has an astonishing number of unfinished, unrecorded, and unreleased tracks, waiting to develop into future chart-toppers! Adding six brand new songs to the December 23rd release of Journals, the All That Matters singer’s loyal fans have already learned all of the lyrics to One Life, Backpack, What’s Hatnin’, Swap It Out, Memphis and Flatline. The entire Journals album has been on repeat as these sixteen songs let Beliebers learn even more about their idol.

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As the first of the six new lyrical masterpieces, One Life is Bieber’s way of explaining his only want: a chance at love and romance as he realizes he only has one life and he only wants to live it with that one girl. Co-written by fellow Canadian, Drake, One Life has a heavy piano influence in the beginning before transitioning into a beat that will definitely get stuck in your head. While serenading the girl who clearly owns his heart, Bieber sings, “I wanna dream what you dream, go where you’re going,” making girls swoon all around the world.

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Completely switching gears, Bieber FINALLY released the song we’ve all been waiting to hear! First mentioned over 100 weeks ago—literally—we finally understand the hype behind Backpack! After not making the final cut for Bieber’s Believe album back in 2012, Backpack had to be released eventually. When Justin first mentioned the possibility of a song about an alien, who just happens to be Lil Wayne, living in the Canadian’s backpack, we became super curious! After Justin makes it very clear that he wants the alien to live in his backpack forever, Lil Wayne makes his appearance on a verse that’s surprisingly G-rated, especially coming from the Young Money artist. While we wouldn’t be surprised if Bieber is actually hiding an alien in one of his backpacks, we can confirm that Backpack was definitely worth the wait!


Sticking with fast-paced theme and references to UFOs, Journal’s next track is one that will constantly be played in nightclubs all over the world. Played first by our very own DJ Tay James, What’s Hatnin’ is an overall fan-favorite and even has some of Team Bieber completely obsessed! A collaboration with Future that’s proven to be extremely catchy, What’s Hatnin’, is one that will keep you dancing while singing along.  Leave it up to Bieber to make a club banger still inspirational as he confirms that arguing won’t fix the problem and the only option is being real with him. Just a reminder, Justin, your Beliebers will never throw away your love.

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Recorded only a month ago, JB lets us into his mind with “Swap It Out”, a track where he’s willing to open up to someone special and swap his heart with hers. Providing a shoulder to cry on, Biebs urges his favorite girl to “wipe your pretty eyes,” because this friendship is 50-50. As Justin takes love in his hands, we begin to wish we were the ones calling Mr. Bieber on our bad days.


Traveling back in time to November 2012, as his relationship began its speculated downfall, Bieber introduces us to Memphis, a song that received its name from its origin city. Revisiting an old friendship, Big Sean joins Justin on the track that’s being called a fan-favorite. A song that’s been stuck in my head since its release, Memphis is Justin’s expression of love—heartbeat, butterflies and everything else! Bieber urges “love you, need you, need you here to stay,” a phrase that his Beliebers have been constantly reminding him of.

justin-bieber-flatline-cover As a free exclusive on iTunes, Beliebers were surprised with Flatline, a song written and recorded this past week. With an even more mature tone to his voice, Bieber gives fans an insight into the craziness of attempting to maintain a relationship while living under the bright spotlight of the entertainment industry. While “how could you pull the plug and let me flatline?” seems to be the easiest line to remember, a different verse caught our attention. “I was out there on the road, Life out of control, She became a victim to my busy schedule, And I know that it’s not fair, That don’t mean that I don’t care, This one’s dedicated to the girl out there” has captured our attention and makes us feel an extreme amount of sympathy toward the nineteen-year-old. A personal favorite, Flatline was the perfect surprise exclusive to end off the Music Monday era!

tumblr_my8jzdBnVA1qhft5ko1_500With the release of his much-anticipated “Believe Movie” on Christmas Day, Justin Bieber is ready to bring us behind the spotlight and is prepared to show us who he really is, minus the negative attention from the media. As Bieber is planning on stepping away from the spotlight in 2014, he’s looking forward to some quality time with his family while simultaneously living in the studio. Justin is using this crucial time period to find himself as a person while he’ll still use music as a form of therapy and a method of release. If Journals came from a trip all around the world, we’re excited to see what the kid comes up with while having some extra time to explore his creative side. We’ve also heard rumors from reliable sources of big things coming early in 2104 so continue to “expect the unexpected” and get ready! Send us a tweet over at @weknowthedj and let us know your thoughts on Journals!

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