How Miley Cyrus Proves She Adores You

December 27, 2013


Between dancing with giant teddy bears, swinging naked on a wrecking ball and the notorious misuse of a foam finger, 2013 has definitely been a memorable year for Miley Cyrus. Trading in her Hannah Montana antics for more risqué behavior, Miley has made everyone talk this year and her newest project is no different. That’s right, Miley Cyrus is back with a new music video! The music video for Adore You, the third single off Miley’s fourth studio album, BANGERZ, hit the Internet on December 26th, a day earlier than originally planned! After throwing a crazy party in the We Can’t Stop music video and nudity on a construction machine during the Wrecking Ball video, could Miley really outdo herself? Well, it seems she has.

The video opens with white sheets portraying a very risky Miley Cyrus wearing minimal clothing. The video continues on switching between camera shots while Miley participates in acts that we’re not completely shocked by. We’re not sure if it’s appropriate to go into specific details, it may be best if only mature fans watch this clip. As the video hits the three-minute mark, Miley swaps her controversial outfit for a black lace piece and a bathtub replaces the bed. We’ve posted the complete music video below so be sure to check it out for yourselves!

While we’re all for Miley ditching the Disney attitude, we’re pretty sure she’s proven her point. People don’t think of Hannah Montana when the name Miley Cyrus is mentioned, instead they think of twerking and the 2013 VMAs. With Adore You being an almost perfect song to be chosen for the third single, we’re surprised Miley decided to strip down for this video. The artistry of the song’s lyrics is enough to capture our attention, making us wonder why the 21 year old decided to take off her clothes—again.

Are you surprised? Is Miley just being Miley? Should she put clothes back on? Send us your thoughts at @weknowthedj!

Meg C. (@meganciampo)

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