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December 2, 2013

This past month you’ve been given a personal all-access pass into the words from Justin Bieber’s own journal. It’s been hard to keep up at times, as the emotions go up and down weekly, like a roller coaster (see what we did there?)


Week one, Bieber introduced us to his Hearbreaker. In the second week he showed us he’s the loyal type, and if you’re his girl… you’ll be all that matters to him! Things got a little sensual in the third week with a more suggestive track, better hold tight. Then we were lead into, what we thought was, a recovery in the fourth release of the Music Journals but alas the sad and somber Biebs came back on week five to tell us bad day’s happen more often than not. He may have been down and quiet but he wasn’t going to leave without defending himself! Week 6 we were told that he “ain’t all bad” and we would have believed him if it weren’t for the “panty dropping” number that was sent our way next in PYD. The most recent, Roller Coaster, which seemed to be the most anticipated brought the beat back up.

So here we are, week 9 of the Music Journals, with only one more left to offer afterwards. “Change Me” is a soft tune with a quiet piano riff ringing in the back.

This track explores out of Bieber’s usual genre quite perfectly. The Music Journals introduced us to the R&B side of Biebs, whereas “Change Me” takes a step into a more mature set. Vocally, we listen to his soft voice deliver the words effortlessly with a strong hold to the subtle falsetto’s offered here and there. It’s an easy track to listen and get lost in.

The lyrics add value to his mature sound. It seems these days, girls want the one bad boys to be good solely for them and that’s exactly what is being offered here. Bieber tells you that you can change him, but he has his conditions too… “don’t fight fire with fire, if I’m screaming talk quieter. Understanding and patient, feel the pain that I’m facing.” So if you’re with it, so is he. He’s ready to accept responsibility… Just be careful! He’s fragile and only needs someone that can understand.

If these Music Journals aren’t enough, Justin is giving you a personal video weekly as well. As a “thank you” to the fans for driving his songs up to #1 on the music charts, small pieces of his Believe Movie are given to us in the form of #FilmFridays.

This week we received a chilling 35 second clip of Justin talking about his fans and how it makes him feel, during those special intimate moments with them while on tour. With a huge smile plastered on his face, he tells us:

“My show now, is super elaborate. My favourite part is literally just the intimate moments with the fans. When I’m on that crane and I’m in the crowd with them and I can see each one of their faces, they’re jumping up and down screaming… there’s nothing like that feeling. I have goosebumps right now thinking about it. For real.”

Oh Justin, we’ve got goosebumps too! Want to see more of this video? Be patient and get your tickets to see Believe Movie in theatres on Christmas Day (Dec 25)! With exclusive footage from his tour and the most intimate conversation he’ll have about all the rumours this past year, the movie is a must.

Grab “Change Me” on iTunes right now (https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/change-me-single/id763116651), help the track get to #1 and you can get another #FilmFriday this week!

Don’t forget to tweet @weknowthedj to let us know what you think about the new song! What was your reaction?

-Sara Soulati (@sarasoulati)


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