The Top 10 Moments In Music This Year: Miley, Lorde, Bieber & More!

December 20, 2013

As the year comes to a close, we begin reflecting on the biggest events. We’ll remember the most amazing moments, and perhaps some of the worst… At we spend 365 days of the year informing you on the everyday happenings in the music industry so today we’re going to recap our top favourite moments!

2013 went a little something like this: we danced along to our favourite electro music, sang along to a catchy track until we stopped to listen to the lyrics, related to a tune crafted by a 17-year-old from New Zealand and watched former Disney starlets strip off their clothes. Woah.

So, without further adieu…

10. Transformation of Miley Cyrus 

2013 MTV Video Music Awards - Show - New York

Without a doubt this may have been the biggest shock of the year from seeing Miley dance up against Robin Thicke to the demise of her engagement with Liam Hemsworth; we’ve just about witnessed it all with her. But what really kept the ball rolling (literally) was her visual for the single “Wrecking Ball” that featured her buck-naked riding a wrecking ball! Miley’s “I Don’t Give a F%@$” attitude has earned her a spot on our top 10 moments of the year!

9. Blurred Lines 

Preceding his dance number with Miley on the VMAs stage, Robin Thicke caused his own share of controversy over one of the biggest hits of the year. “Blurred Lines” was the soundtrack of the summer that never stopped; until we stopped and listened to the lyrics closely. After analyzing the video and lyrics that suggested a date rape, the buzz about this hit went in a different direction. Despite the racy message it was sending, nothing kept “Blurred Lines” off the top of the charts!

8. Pharrell was the new Timbaland 

If you’re old enough, you may recall that 2007 onward was a Timbaland dominated time and despite his appearance in The 20/20 Experience this year, his name was overshadowed by the likes of Pharrell, who seemed to be in every. single. track. He had writing credits, producing credits and features on just about everything. We wouldn’t be surprised if Pharrell popped up in your home videos! His most prominant rolls were in Blurred Lines and the return of Daft Punk.

7. Drake Changed The Game

The anticipation for “Nothing Was The Same” was unheard of, and if you’ve read our review on, you’ll know our reviews were raving… but we spoke through the people! This platinum album had audiences crying, laughing, driving to their ex-girlfriends/boyfriends houses. After listening to the entirety, you too will agree, that nothing was ever the same.

6. Bound 2 & Bound 3 


Kanye has had a big year, with his engagement to Kim Kardashian, the birth of North West and the release of “Yeezus.” But perhaps he saved the most monumental act for last with the video to his song “Bound 2” featuring his bride-to-be. Atop the traction that the music video recieved on the Internet, the parody by James Franco and Seth MacFarlane set fire to the topic and left everyone, even Kim and Kanye, laughing!

5. Introducing Lorde… 

She came out of nowhere and took the world by total storm. I first heard this track on the radio in the middle of the night and by the next week, it as on every station playing on an hour rotation. Mind you, the track got tiresome but the last tier of the year 2013 will forever be dubbed as the reign of Lorde. Once a pop track starts getting charted on R&B ranks, we step back and show nothing but praise! Congrats, Lorde.


This year zipped by so fast we almost forgot the 15-minute phenomenon of the Harlem Shake! Older folks to college students took part in making their own renditions of Harlem Shake video’s, all evoked from a crazy beat. This just goes to show what type of craze good music can bring on!

3. Musicians Speak Out For LGBT Rights! 

This year we witnessed some stressful positions be placed on the LGBT rights around the world, to which, certain artists took a rightful stand. Carly Rae Jepsen stepped back from her Boy Scouts of America National Scout Jamboree performance in support of the cause and a cheerful Selena Gomez stood strong in voicing her beliefs when being denied a Visa into Russia for her Stars Dance Tour. We’re proud of you two!

2. Bieber’s Downward Spiral? 

Confident image 1

Nope! Didn’t happen! Despite a flux of rumours coming in after another and heavy prediction of the Bieber Brands’ demise, the 19-year-old, very casually, strolled into a 2 month frenzy of releasing music; which he recorded while these tabloids were going off on him. Still in the midst of his releases, we’re excited to see how he’ll end off this crazy year.

1. The Other Favourite Justin!

He came back! Justin Timberlake stayed silent (to music) for nearly 6 years and answered our prayers with not one…but two albums! His two releases broke record after record in sales, most probably from the publics’ JT-deprivation! We were very thankful for it still.


SURPRISE! Queen Bey made an appearance this year after all. Out of the blue, late at night, Beyonce decided it was time to drop the biggest album of her career on us! 14 tracks and 17 music videos to accompany them, made up the surprise release of a lifetime. You thought she was leaving 2013 to her hubby and Magna Carta? Bow Down!

Are we missing any of your favourite moments? Tweet us at @weknowthedj to let us know!

-Sara Soulati (@SaraSoulati)

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