Britney Spears Releases New Music Video For “Perfume”!

December 11, 2013

Perfume by Britney Spears

With Christmas just around the corner, Britney Spears has given us an early present being her new music video to her single, “Perfume”! Spears had an album in the works for quite some time now and it is finally out. The pop star released her eighth studio album entitled, Britney Jean on November 29th of this year! The album feature’s “Work B*tch” which was the first single off the album, along with “Perfume”, of course.

When it comes to the music video for “Perfume”, it seems as if Britney brought back her teenage self. The video reminds me of one of her biggest hits, “Lucky” because of it’s girly teenage love song vibe. The video starts off with Britney and her man lying in bed, the video than flashes to her driving alongside the same man as she begins to sing the first verse of the song. It is obvious by the lyrics of the song that it’s about her current boyfriend still being in love with his ex.

Britney sings, “So I, wait for you to call, and I try to act natural, have you been thinking ’bout her or about me, and while I wait I put on my perfume, yeah I want it all over you, I gotta mark my territory”. Evidently, the lyrics portray a distraught Britney that has hope her boyfriend wants her more than he wants his ex. She than proceeds by singing, “I’ll never tell, tell on myself but I hope she smells your perfume, I hide it well, hope you can’t tell but I hope she smells my perfume.” This track is very relatable for Britney’s young adult fans because many girls are insecure when it comes to “the ex” in a relationship. She makes it obvious that she is the dominant woman in her man’s life by her distinct perfume… or is this an add for her former perfume’s? haha. I guess we’ll never know 😉

Britney has always expressed herself through her music. Although she has had a few ups and down over the past few years, she has come back better and sassier than ever before with a strong and confidant self titled album. Britney has even been hitting the gym recently due to a sexy new bod and of course those long blonde locks are back in action!

Britney Jean

The former X-Factor judge has put everything aside except for her music. She has recently taken on a 100-show event in sin city AKA Las Vegas! Miss Spears will be performing 50 shows in 2014, and 50 shows in 2015 all at the same theatre club in LV! The 32 year-old plans for her show to be big and full of spark. Tickets for this glamorous event ranges from $59 to $229.

If you haven’t seen the music video to “Perfume” yet, be sure to check it out below! Let us know what you think of the video by tweeting the WeKnowTheDj crew at @weknowthedj on twitter!

-Alana K. (@alanaKellyMD)

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