It’s Britney Jean B**ch!

December 4, 2013

britney jean

Oops, Britney Spears has done it again! But was it really an accident?

First off, MASSIVE Happy Birthday wishes from WeKnowTheDj goes out to Ms. Spears. Following her last two albums “Blackout” and “Femme Fatale”, Britney released her eighth studio album entitled “Britney Jean” this past Monday (2nd December) on her 32nd birthday, and fans responded accordingly! “Britney Jean” shot to the number one spot on iTunes after only twenty minutes of being released! “Britney Jean” was quick to rearrange the iTunes charts, knocking One Direction’s “Midnight Memories” from the top of the charts after a solid week of sales. Eminem’s “The Marshal Mathers LP2” also dropped in the charts, giving Britney a solid resting place at number one.

Britney has had a few musical appearances in the last couple of years such as the smash hit “Scream & Shout” with Will.I.Am as well as singing the title song “Ooh La La” for the Smurfs film that was released earlier this year. Britney and her many facial expressions were also the talk of the 2nd season of The X Factor USA, where she was a judge along with¬† Demi Lovato, LA Reid, and Simon Cowell. Britney’s artist, Carly Rose Sonenclar came in 2nd place on the show.

But Britney’s fanbase rejoiced when she released her new music video for “Work B**ch”, which showed all of her critics that despite her age, she’s still got it (the epic video for “Work B**ch” is posted below for your enjoyment)!

Britney and her team have been advertising “Britney Jean” to be her most personal album ever, with Spears, herself, calling the album the equivalent of therapy after her breakup with fianc√© Jason Trawick. She’s also listed as a co-writer on every track on the album.

One of the interesting things about Britney Spears is that she obviously doesn’t have one of the strongest voices in pop music. But, as the longevity of her career proves, her catchy music and choreography prove to be a better factor than belting high notes on every track listed. Many critics are calling Spears’ eighth album “boring” or quite frankly stating that “it doesn’t work”. However, most critics’ opinions can be thrown in the lion’s den, because their opinions aren’t what matters; it’s the fans’.

At her peak, Britney was easily called the Queen of Pop, inheriting the crown from her predecessor Madonna. But even now, “Britney Jean” proves that Britney can still hang with the Miley Cyruses, the Katy Perrys, and the Lady Gagas of today.

And after her VERY public melt down in 2007, a lot of people were doubting Britney’s musical prowess and whether or not she would be able to actually return to the music charts. “Britney Jean” shows Brit-Brit’s fans and critics that anyone is capable of making a return to the music scene and capturing a new number one album.

-Blake M


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