Social Media Sunday: These 2 Vine Singers Should Be (More) Famous Already

December 8, 2013

While this may come as a bit of a shock to many of you, I’m going to go ahead and admit that until last week, I did not have a Vine account. I know, I know – SHOCKING.

vineWhat isn’t shocking is how much I now love (seriously, LOVE) the Vine app! I am totally and completely on the same page as everyone else now, and it feels oddly satisfying to be on board. I now have a completely new way to waste time! And that’s exactly what I did  in celebration of this Social Media Sunday.

First thing, I searched through various tags for traces of new musical talent. I weeded through a lot of comedians and non-talent before finding a couple of gem accounts that I decided to follow. The first of which is Sonyae Elise (@SONYAElise), a vibrant New Jersey native with a huge voice.


Let me have one more sentence to emphasize just how colossal her voice is. Or better yet, have a listen for yourself by clicking here.

Much to my surprise, this Vine user has already gotten her “big break,” so to speak. Sonyae is the season 1 winner of the TV show Platinum Hit, a reality singing/songwriting competition on Bravo that aired in 2011. Since winning the show, the songstress has earned herself more than 58k followers on Vine, a verified Twitter account, and a following of 11k on Instagram. Her Vines are mostly 6-second clips of her impressive, dynamic, and soulful vocals. However, Sonyae also likes to occasionally share some random-and-sassy contributions that seem to be an effort at making small talk with her following. Follow her on Instagram to watch longer clips of her paramount vocal abilities.

As I did my absolute best to watch and listen to every one of Sonyae’s Vines, I came across another singer whom Sonyae was collaborating with in one of her posts. Heavily influenced by Usher and Neyo, Avery Wilson is classic R&B, and also sounds Broadway-capable.


After falling in love instantly, I took to his account to find more clips of his supreme vocal skills. To our contentment, a good amount of Avery’s Vines are also pretty funny. I asked myself: how isn’t Avery Wilson famous yet? Well folks, he kind of is. Emphasis on the words “kind of”. Avery, like Sonyae, appeared as a contestant on a reality TV singing competition. In 2011, Avery Wilson got his biggest break yet on The Voice.

His performances on The Voice don’t quite compare to the quality of singing he does in his self-recorded videos, and I’m guessing this is because of:

1. Nerves


2. The fact that when we use social media we feel more comfortable expressing ourselves without the immediate presence of real people.

Still, there are plenty of YouTube, Vine, and Instagram videos featuring Avery’s rich and soulful voice to keep one entertained for at least a couple hours…especially if you tend to re-watch things like I do.

While I did have access to the channels that both Platinum Hit and The Voice aired on, I think it’s rather funny that I didn’t learn about the existence of these two young artists until I downloaded Vine last week – TWO YEARS after their so-called “big breaks”. That just goes to show just how much more engaged I — and the majority of young folk — are in social media. I think it’s because a little dabbling in a new app can quickly escalate into a full-on social media adventure that often spans an hour…or three. Perhaps the option to interact with others is also what makes social media so much more addicting than television. We like to feel like we are part of the media we are consuming. With this in mind, it’s good that young artists like Sonyae Elise and Avery Wilson have been using Vine, Instagram and Twitter to share their talents, since that seems to be a better way to build a fanbase that sticks.

We want to know what you guys think! Are they about to blow up the music industry? Tweet us with your thoughts and recommendations of other social media artists at @weknowthedj.

-Jenni Moore (@JenniferKayMo)

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