The Wanted’s Word of Mouth Has Us Like….

November 6, 2013

“I’m sorry…NSYNC who?”


Just kidding; I would never. However, The Wanted’s new album Word of Mouth was released at midnight, and it is seriously legit. While English-Irish boyband The Wanted has poked fun at their iconic predecessors from the 1990s, they have a distinct quality that doesn’t quite fit what you would expect from an all-male singing group.

Now is as good a time as any to confess that I am by no means a superfan of The Wanted. That being said, since their music conjured great success in the US in early 2012, I have consistently enjoyed them. Their radio hits such as “Glad You Came” and “Chasing The Sun” were irresistible, and their party-animal ways were quite amusing on their E! reality series The Wanted Life. Lastly, my mind was opened up to a whole new world when I heard Nathan Sykes’ soulful R&B vocals on “Almost is Never Enough,” a duet with powerhouse singer Ariana Grande.

So with this in mind,  I wasn’t bummed when I learned I would need to buy “Word of Mouth” for this album review. Actually, I was excited to open my heart to their latest record. Seeing as how I have little-to-no insight on these five performers’ lives, this review will be—as they say—all about the music.

The deluxe album, which is now in the top ten albums on iTunes, includes 16 tracks (and 55 minutes) of fresh material. It’s a good even mix of danceable tracks (which mirrors their uptempo lifestyle), and slow-yet-epic ballads that evoke tremendous emotion. Almost every track is triumphant. It’s probably in some filmmaker’s best interest that they use some of these songs as a backtrack for pivotal movie montages.

There is a very clear arch to most of their songs, making each track feel like a journey.

Here are some notable tracks from “Word of Mouth”:

“We Own The Night”

If I am not mistaken, this song has a hint of a Scottish inspiration due to the use of bagpipe sounds, as well as some jolly “la la la” chanting. While the lyrics are focused largely on partying, this is one of those great feel-good mantras with a “YOLO” message.

May our hearts be full like our drinks tonight/ May we sing and dance til we lose our minds/We are only young if we seize the night/Tonight we own the night.

Ending with soft crooning on top of light piano, it leaves you feeling nostalgic over memories you haven’t even made yet.

“Running Out of Reasons”

On this track the boys call-out a resistant lover for running out of reasons to say no to their love. And I’ve gotta say, I felt personally targeted while listening. The song is romantic, persuasive, and thrilling. The verses slowly explain the singer’s point of view: Shut it out, what you heard about / What you heard about me / They say I’m rough or loud / But they don’t know nothing / Not a thing about me

When the chorus kicks in, so does an up-tempo beat that makes the listener want to shake off any fears or resistance she may have had. The Wanted, you’re right; I’m all out of reasons to say no to your dreamy music. Done and done!

“I Found You”

One of their five singles off the album, “I Found You” is one of my personal favorites for a couple reasons:

1.The chorus—and coincidentally, a large portion of the song—is sang straight through in all-out falsetto. It’s not the wimpy, meek kind of falsetto, but the soulful, Earth-Wind-&-Fire kind of falsetto.

2.The strong beat and use of clapping at the end is irresistible, and makes us want to dance the night away at one of their concerts.

“Show Me Love (America)”

Might be mistaken as an anthem for a bitter relationship, but perhaps what The Wanted are truly expressing in the track “Show Me Love” is a complicated interaction with America, the land where dreams come true-well, at least for them. All being from the UK, they’ve done most of their growing as artists in the US so it’s only natural they dedicate a song to the great nation.

Nathan sets the tone with an orchestra in the background as he sings, “you should’ve known I love you/though I’ll never say it too much/Maybe you did turn to get me/Maybe I’ll never know what I done.” The song leads into a harmonized chorus with the boys singing together about the brightest lights in the universe, all located in America, and the different life they’ve all experienced here. They’ve accepted it’s not perfect, but they only want America to show some love back! We hope this relationship rides the rough patch because we love having them here!

“Walks Like Rihanna”

This one of their rare songs that kind of remind me of The Backstreet Boys and NSYNC (and One Direction) – in a good way! This is probably because the subject matter is a girl who is wanted by every guy. Apparently, she can’t sing or dance but she walks like Rihanna, which drives all the boys crazy. The song is pretty mellow with a steady guitar riff throughout, but the boys intensify the situation musically when they all sing our favorite lyric in unison: Our Hearts go Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom! (Repeat 3x)  The lyric really makes the listener feel understood. After all, our hearts have been booming for The Wanted ever since the album started playing…

“Everybody Knows”

Probably their gloomiest track on the album, “Everybody Knows” expresses the singer’s sadness about being famous for all the wrong reasons: a broken heart. The lyrics explain that their heartbreak is on blast in various realms, and it’s the only thing people care about…except the heartbreaker in question. Surely, this is a feeling the boys have all had to deal with from time to time because of the highly public position they’re in. Luckily, it seems that the hype and follow-through on Word of Mouth will shift a great amount of focus from their personal lives.

After listening to the album in in full, I don’t think it’s totally necessary to buy the whole thing (unless of course, you are a superfan). If you are low on cash, get the non-deluxe version for just $9.99. This version is missing the last four tracks from the deluxe (“Love Sewn,” “If We’re Alright,” “Drunk On Love,” and “Heartbreak Story”).

If you want the full listening experience, buy “Word of Mouth” (Deluxe) on iTunes and let us know what you think @WeknowtheDJ!

-Jenni M. @JenniferKayMo

*Show Me Love Review by Sara S. @sarawktdj

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