November 21, 2013

One Direction Photo Shoot

It has been a MASSIVE week of promotion in the One Direction fandom this week! The English-Irish quintet consisting of members Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, and Liam Payne have been all over the UK and have now made it into the States as their huge promotional tour is underway!

The boys kicked off their week on Monday (Nov 18) with their first book signing in three years, to celebrate their book One Direction: Where We Are: Our Band, Our Story: 100% Official. Fans had the opportunity to purchase tickets to the signing at 10 pounds each (STEAL) and go to a secret location in England (which turned out to be Alexandra Palace (thanks Nialler!)). Book signings are a rarity in the One Direction fandom; like I said, this was the first one in THREE years! The 5 lads grabbed their seats, doodling on the table as they waited, and took to meeting a limited 100 fans in Alexandra Palace.


Also, on Monday, One Direction released the third track from their upcoming album, Midnight Memories for those who have preordered the album via iTunes. Following the success of “Best Song Ever” and “Story of My Life”, “Diana” was the track chosen to be released early, and it shot directly into the Number One spot after only ten minutes of being released! Justin Bieber’s newest MusicMondays track “PYD” featuring R. Kelly and Eminem & Rihanna’s “Monster” were just a couple of tracks that succumbed to the Directioners as “Diana” sat comfortably on top of iTunes in over 81 countries! What’s really interesting about “Diana” is that it was actually leaked over the summer! Believe me when I say that the studio version sounds WAY better than the leaked version (teehee ;). Justin Bieber even took to Twitter Monday morning to tweet: “That new 1d diana is well written well done boyzzzzz”. That little tweet was retweeted by multiple 1D fan accounts that hopefully gave Justin a nod of approval from the Directioners. It shows just how much Justin loves a little friendly competition, and that he knows good music when he hears it (and doesn’t mind being passed for the top spot either). Top lad!

Wednesday (Nov 20) saw the release of the fourth track of Midnight Memories, which was actually entitled “Midnight Memories” as well! This preorder bonus shot to number one spot just above “Diana” which actually dropped one spot to Number Two (can’t have two Number One’s can we?). Both “Diana” and “Midnight Memories” debuted One Direction’s new sound that has taken an 80’s rock feel and has definitely dropped the bubblegum pop façade that One Direction has become known for. Trust me ladies, this ain’t no chinny, chin chins! The boys’ previous albums Up All Night and Take Me Home gave One Direction a bubblegum pop reputation and these preorder bonuses shatter it completely. One Direction is set to release one more preorder track this coming Friday before officially releasing the album Sunday night at midnight.

Actually, Sunday night was when Directioners almost broke Twitter! As midnight was approaching, “Diana” was set to be released via iTunes but somehow the ENTIRE Midnight Memories album ended up being leaked! Okay, let’s be real, I listened to it. There will be a WeKnowTheDj track by track review of Midnight Memories next week, but I don’t have to wait a week to say that Midnight Memories will bring over THOUSANDS of new fans. Like I said earlier, DIS AIN’T NO CHINNY CHIN CHINS! I’ve been a fan of One Direction for three and half years, and it took me a while to distinguish which voice belongs to whom. If you take someone who has never heard 1D’s music and sat them down and gave them a listen to “What Makes You Beautiful” and “Midnight Memories”, they would think that they were listening to two different bands. It’s THAT good. And actually, “Best Song Ever” (which is the title track for One Direction’s film, This Is Us) doesn’t even fit into Midnight Memories. At all. Take that and put it on Take Me Home. It just doesn’t hold up to the other tracks. Now if you’re a good fan (unlike me) or even if you’re not a fan at all, Midnight Memories will be released in full this weekend, and you will absolutely fall in love with One Direction.

On to other news, the lads are set to perform on The X Factor USA this Wednesday night (Nov 20) as their promotional tour for Midnight Memories continues! It is speculated that the boys will perform “Story of My Life” and it will air Wednesday night at 8 p.m. eastern time. One Direction will then stay in Los Angeles leading into the weekend, because 1D Day is this Saturday! The boys have been meticulously planning this grand celebration for their fans for the past seven weeks with various challenges for Directioners to accomplish before the air date. 1D Day is set to have special appearances by stars such as Celine Dion, Kelly Rowland, and their lovely uncle, Simon Cowell (among others)! One Direction will then suit up to attend the 43rd annual American Music Awards held this Sunday, 24 November at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, California. The boys are nominated for Favorite Band Duo/Group Pop and Album of the Year, so PLEASE get to voting! THEN, after the AMAs have concluded, all five lads will strap in to fly to New York City to perform on Good Morning America this Monday morning, November 25! The boys are teasing a MASSIVE announcement for the American fans, as well. Most are itching for the tour dates for One Direction’s Where We Are tour, which will feature “80-something dates” (thanks Harry!) and the US has yet to find out where One Direction will be landing next Fall. One Direction has been busy all week (with an anticipated third number one album and whatnot) and would love to bring home their first ever AMA and complete the week with a number one album with Midnight Memories. Who knows, the 2014 Grammy Awards are just around the corner and One Direction just might be lurking in the shadows with future nominations. We’ll see!

-Blake M


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