Social Media Sunday: The Music in Vine

November 25, 2013

Music is EVERYWHERE…You just have to look close enough to find it! Our generation has something no one has ever had before: social media. We’ve never had this type of exposure to celebrities and marketing, let alone a way to share talent. This week at, we decided to find the talent and music in the Vine app.

Amongst thousands of hilariously relatable clips, are some of the most talented musicians, DJ’s, and voices you’ll find. In a short 6-second time frame, users are able to showcase their music and hope its worthy of a follow or “ReVine!” We searched through the app and found 5 favorites to introduce to you!

First up, Trey Kennedy. With a nearly 60K following, Trey has about 8 vines posted- 7 of them being his musical covers. The real magic happens on his YouTube page though! Go searching between some of the comedy he’s got on there and you’ll find several covers of Ellie Goulding, Chris Brown and Avicii but most impressively, his original music! Two of which are available to you on iTunes; Not Just Another Girl and One More Time.

Next we have Georgia Grace from California, who posts an array of covers including all genres for her 5.3K and growing followers. Her Vine previews of her covers are all followed up by longer clips on her YouTube channel (GeorgiaPN), make sure you check it out!

Our third find is Joshua Micah from CT/NYC area. His 208k+ followers get to see him cover Coldplay, Demi Lovato and more! He’s able to have his fun on Vine since he already has his EP out on iTunes! Have a listen to “Let It Go” EP by Joshua Micah on iTunes today!

Anna Clendening is a double threat with her captivating voice and acoustic skills. All the way from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Anna gives you a taste of her talent on her Vine page then lets you delve into her voice on YouTube (annaclendening08). Check out her cover of one of my all-time favourite songs below.

Our last, but not least, musical find for Social Media Sunday is Inwood Music. Not the typical talent find but not any less worthy. Inwood Music takes your favorite tracks and mixes them into a sound you’ll enjoy even more. Listeners are raving and asking for more remixes everyday!

Social Media gives us a window of opportunity to expose ourselves to new music, all you need to do is a little searching! You’ll be surprised what you can find out there.

Tweet us at @weknowthedj if you have any requests for upcoming Social Media Sundays and let us know what you think about our 5 featured Vine artists!

-Sara Soulati (@SaraSoulati)

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