Sammy Adams Returns with Homecoming EP

November 21, 2013


Expanding beyond a “Coast 2 Coast” lifestyle, Boston’s Boy is writing his “L.A. Story” while “Living The Dream”; Sammy Adams is back for another chapter and a new EP! Sixteen days ago, Sammy began a daily countdown on his Instagram page for his just-released EP, Homecoming, also being credited as his return to the spotlight. Sammy found his way into the hearts of many back in early 2010 with his debut EP, Boston’s Boy. Three and a half years into his journey, the twenty-six year old from Cambridge, Massachusetts has experienced stories we can only dream of. These stories serve as incredible inspiration for the music he releases, giving fans an insight on the craziness that is Sammy Adams’ life.

Sammy’s success began at twenty-two in the underground college music scene possibly due to his verse choices and the ways his fans feel they can relate to his lifestyle and choices. One of Sammy’s recent retweets said it best, “I think the reason we love @SammyAdams so much is because we’re all just kids with a dream. And he showed us that kids like us can do anything.” On November 19, 2013, Sammy’s release of Homecoming gave his fans new material to become obsessed with and gave the “L.A. Story” singer more exposure. Since Homecoming’s release, Sammy has spent all of his time on Twitter interacting with his thousands of fans and showing his appreciation toward each and every one of them.

Adams begins the EP with “I Wish,” a catchy track that’s guaranteed to be stuck in your head for hours on end and a perfect introduction to the EP.  In “I Wish,” Sammy Adams raps, “music is my love so the best is yet to come,” making us realize he was simply preparing us for the rest of the EP. As Sammy transitions into the second track of Homecoming, titled “Touch,” he proves his similarities to his masses of fans. “Touch” focuses on a late-night mistress who won’t answer his calls while “playing dudes and playing fools.” Sammy explicitly raps, “F*** her for her looks but hate her personality,” but in the lives of young adults all over the world, having someone to call for a quick hookup isn’t a rare practice.

Homecoming continues and Sammy begins talking about his kingdom in “Kings” where he doesn’t need a “servant cause Sammy runs the business.” With the stage as his kingdom, life as his fairytale and a Miley Cyrus twerking reference, Sammy lives up to the line “Loyal to my fans so I only put out bangers.” Rounding out the EPs first four tracks, “Awesome” speaks on all kinds of people and goes back to Sammy’s college roots. As a girl in college who spends most weekends at frat houses, this track is the epitome of a college night! On November 7th, Barstool Beats premiered the video for “Awesome,” which we’ve posted below!

As “Awesome” comes to a close, Sammy transitions into “Waste,” where he inspires his countless fans. Taking the vibe back in time to bring a Boston’s Boy feel, Sammy Adams tells his fans that they need to “stay true and stand tall” while “looking toward the bright side” because “life’s what you make it.”  We have a feeling he might have been paying attention to #weknowthedjwisdom while writing the track! Unfortunately, as “Waste” ends we reach the last track on the EP, “Stop the Music,” where Adams revisits the college vibe and plans to “keep drinking” while “dancing until someone stops the music.” With an uptempo beat, “Stop the Music” is the perfect way to end an incredible project.

Sammy might have given fans all they could ask for with Homecoming but he’s always bringing more to the table. Everything the twenty-six year old does is for his fans. Just a few hours ago, I received a package with a personalized signed t-shirt from Boston’s Boy himself! Sammy Adams knows the DJ and knows Lil Meg! He’s promised to release more music as his EP climbs on the iTunes Top 10 chart so if you haven’t checked out Homecoming yet, stop reading this right now and go download it here! Send us a tweet at @weknowthedj and let us know your thoughts on Sammy Adams and Homecoming!

Meg C. (@megchamp07)

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