Ryan Butler’s Chilling ‘Worn Cold’ Will Leave You Stunned

November 27, 2013

“When faced with a life or death decision via the gun of a stranger; a young man is asked to give up his clothes, but it’s his past he can’t let go of.”


Written and directed by Ryan Butler; Worn Cold will send a chill down your spine.

Ryan Butler is a thinker, not a shouter and his latest short film ‘Worn Cold’ proves the point. The film is quietly brilliant. He has taken a brutal theme and allowed the viewer to contemplate their own reaction to the situation. People can be deeply affected by trauma fom their past and it begs the question; what would you do?

The subject matter is dark, very dark and a usually jocular Caleb Sebben proves┬áhe’s not just suited to comedy. Terrifyingly convincing in his ominous role, the film opens with a freezing cold Sebben slumped and shivering on a bridge, clothed in only tattered and torn shirt and jeans. He begs the man who walks by: “Spare some change” to which the man (played by Michael York) responds: “Sorry” as he walks on. A decision that prompts the start of a chilling ordeal for York’s character as he faces the the barrell of a gun, wielded by Sebben.

But it’s not money he wants. The film takes an unsettling twist and we are given an insight into the past of the victim through the eyes of young actors Sean Dolan, Gregor Reynolds, Owen Reynolds and Mitchell Casey. I’m not going to spoil the film by revealing what the twist is, but many people can associate with the subject matter at hand here, it hits home hard and there’s an element of revenge being played out that’s a very real and irresistible catalyst for the victim’s behaviour.

The film’s score is an ambient piano theme that unnerves the viewer. Almost reminiscent of a Jerry Goldsmith 1970’s horror score and created by Jeremy ‘J Hawk’ Hawkins, it plays alongside the narrative without interfering, but it’s bold enough to highlight the sinister tone of the film. Listen out for the whispers that accompany the piano, sent a shiver down my spine!

At just under five minutes long, Butler’s latest tale is so effective you’re left feeling stunned. It’s a neatly packaged piece that reminds us how dedicated Ryan is to his chosen field. He’s putting the work in, staying up all night to create, film, edit and perfect his craft alongside his schoolwork. That hard work has lead to outstanding film-making. ‘Worn Cold’ is no exception, but don’t just take my word for it, watch it when it comes out. The film is incredible.

In the meantime, you can check out Ryan’s work here: https://vimeo.com/vkrb

-Lucy Jenkins.



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