ONE DIRECTION: New Album, New Tour, and 1D Day!

November 27, 2013

The last seven days in the One Direction fandom has been absolute chaos…in the best way possible! Over the past seven days, we have seen a third album be released, two American Music Awards be won, and five idiots being complete and total idiots for seven consecutive hours in a hilarious live show they called 1D Day. WeKnowTheDj reviews anything and everything One Direction, so please fasten your seatbelts; it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.



The last seven days also consisted of a few teasers from One Direction’s newest album, Midnight Memories, before being released in full Sunday night. With four tracks being released before the album went on sale via preorder bonus, it gave fans and non-fans a taste of the third album. Please read this track by track review of Midnight Memories and convince yourself to go purchase this album. Forget the two albums that One Direction released prior to this one, there’s no comparison. One Direction completely ditched the bubblegum pop persona that they’ve become known for and completed switched genre’s to that of 80’s rock.

1) Best Song Ever

Released back in July, Best Song Ever is the title track of One Direction’s movie “This Is Us”, which hit theaters back in August. Best Song Ever is the song of the summer from 1D, much like “Live While We’re Young” was to their 2012 album Take Me Home. Best Song Ever is a track about the lads finding a special lady named Georgia Rose one night and completely having the night of their lives with her. The lads have a dance with her, but cannot seem to remember what song they danced to. With lyrics such as:

And we danced all night to the best song ever. We knew every line, now I can’t remember how it goes. But i know that won’t forget her.

Long story short, Best Song Ever is about remembering a night with Georgia Rose, but remembering that night solely because of the song they danced to. If you’re not a 1D fan, don’t let Best Song Ever’s bubblegum pop tune deter you from the album. I promise you that Best Song Ever belongs on Take Me Home and in NO way does it belong on Midnight Memories.

2) Story of My Life

Story of My Life is a bit of a different track for One Direction. It gave fans a bit of a revelation on just how different Midnight Memories would sound compared to its predecessors. Story of My Life is about the lads giving their hearts to a special lady, but having her break up after driving her home one night.

She told me in the morning she don’t feel the same about us in her bones. Seems to me that when I die, these words will be written on my stone.

I remember when Story of My Life premiered on BBC Radio One, every member in the One Direction fandom was on Twitter and the same time, and we all reacted the same: speechless. Not only did Story of My Life resemble NOTHING of 1D’s usual sound, the vocals in this song gave us all chills and left us in tears. Okay, I didn’t cry, but I did get misty. Zayn’s vocals in his solo ruined me. The music video for Story of My Life has literally nothing to do with the song, but it still took my breath away. The music video actually DID make me cry (just one tear, though). The boys recreated various moments from their childhoods, and Louis’ picture that he recreated completely broke me down. Please enjoy.

3) Diana

Diana is actually the track that sets the mood for Midnight Memories. Diana was actually leaked over the summer, but believe me when I say that the studio version SLAYS the leaked version. Diana is a song about a girl (named Diana, obviously) who has been mistreated before the boys walked into her life. The boys are pining over Diana and beg her to let them into her life.

Diana, let me be the one to light a fire inside your life. You’ve been lonely, you don’t even know me. But I can feel you crying. Diana, let me be the one to lift your heart up and save your life. I don’t think you even realize baby you’ll be saving mine.

Diana’s sound gives everyone a new look at One Direction. The song opens with an EPIC guitar riff that will take people by surprise if they’re not ready for it. And Zayn shouting “Diana!” in the background of said guitar riff will give you chills. Period.

4) Midnight Memories

Okay. This is when we REALLY get into the album that IS Midnight Memories. The title track of this album will leave you COMPLETELY dumbfounded when you realize that it’s One Direction you’re listening to. Literally, all Midnight Memories consists of is guitar, guitar, GUITAR!!!! This track is a track of rebellion, really. It’s about taking a girl, a group of friends, and completely disregarding the rules in order to make the best memories of your life, for one night only.

Straight off the plane to a new hotel. Just touched down, you can never tell. Big house party with a crowded kitchen. People talk shh, but we don’t listen.

The hook of this sound (courtesy of Louis Tomlinson) makes you feel this song. You can just feel it in your body that the chorus will be so epic that you won’t be able to handle it. The chorus itself reminds me of a mix of Def Lepard’s “Pour Some Sugar Of Me” and Wanted’s “Cherry Pie”. It’s that epic.

5) You & I

You & I is one of the only slow ballads on the entire album. This song consists mainly of acoustic guitar and just the boys’ vocals. You & I is a song that you would sing to your significant other. It’s a track about looking at another struggling couple and conveying to your special someone that your relationship is better than theirs in every way.

You and I, we don’t wanna be like them. We can make it to the end. Nothing can come between you and I. Not even the god above can separate the two of us. No, nothing can come between you and I.

Then, the magic happens. After the chorus, the air is literally sucked out of you as the music ceases and there’s a deep inhale and time stands still (you’ll know what I’m talking about when you listen). Then, straight from Coldplay, a massive guitar solo comes straight from the back 40 and COMPLETELY takes you by surprise. I had no clue that a guitar riff could make me so emotional, but here we are. Then, Zayn comes from the back 40 as well and belts the most beautiful “You and I” that I have ever heard in my life. Hats off to Zayn Malik for having the nerve to bring you to tears during a rock ballad.

6) Don’t Forget Where You Belong

This is a good one! Don’t Forget Where You Belong has a One Direction meets Phillip Phillips’ “Home” feel to it. You can tell by the lyrics that this track is about the boys’ life on the road and how they feel about not forgetting where the belong.

Been a lot of places. I’ve been all around the world. Seen a lot of faces. Never knowing where I was. On the horizon, mmm well I know, I know, I know the sun’ll be rising back home.

This song pays homage to Bradford, Doncaster, Wolverhampton, and Chesire in England as well as Mullingar, Ireland. Don’t Forget Where You Belong is basically the boys’ perspective of living their dreams while simultaneously being home sick all at once. You can feel just how emotional they feel talking about feeling alone when they’re on the road. As the lyrics point out, you’re never really alone at all. You are never alone, and the proof is in this song.

7) Strong

I’m gonna say this again (and I’ll probably say it for all the tracks on this album), but this a good track as well! Written by bandmate Louis Tomlinson, Strong is a track about being so in love with someone, that they make you stronger when you’re with them and weaker when they’re away.

I’m sorry if I say I need ya. But I don’t care, I’m not scared of love. Cos when I’m not with you I’m weaker. Is that so wrong? Is it so wrong? Cos you make me strong.

Strong might not be one of the tracks stuck in your head after an initial run-through of the album, but it’ll be a favorite when given the right amount of attention.

8) Happily

By many, Happily is reminiscent of Mumford & Sons and I have to agree. The guitar chords at the start of this track gives in a folk-appeal and a head-bobbing beat all at the same time. Written by band mate Harry Styles “in the middle of a field somewhere”,  Happily is one of those songs that you sing at a camp fire (do people still have those?) and everyone can join in, because it’s one of those fun songs that has a “people’s opinions of us are total sh–” feeling to it.

9) Right Now

Right Now is different. Any hardcore One Direction fan can tell you that Louis Tomlinson is looked at as the “weak-link” in 1D by many critics, so he never has too many solos. What’s good about Right Now is that Louis actually has the lead vocals and shows just how much of a valuable asset he is to One Direction. Right Now is one of those songs that can be song by any artist on the charts, Maroon 5 especially. Not that I listen to much Maroon 5, but Zayn gives Adam Levine a run for his money in this one.

10) Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress was completely stolen from 80’s radio. The guitar riff’s return in this one, what’s really unique about this song is that nobody has a solo! It’s the five boys singing at once, all at once. Louis has said that Little Black Dress is the track he’s most excited to sing live on the Where We Are tour and rightfully so. This 2 1/2 minute song (despite the length) can have people on their feet in a pile of  sweat before the first chorus even rolls around.

Little Black Dress just walked into the room. Making heads turn, can’t stop looking at you.

Well obviously, if you’ve made an impression big enough to have 1D dub you “Little Black Dress” you’re doing something right.

11) Through The Dark

Throw Mumford & Sons and The Lumineers in the same room with One Direction and this song is the result. What I really love about Midnight Memories is that One Direction is incorporating multiple genres in one album. And it works. Happily may surpass Through The Dark by its chinny chin chin (see what I did there?) but it will definitely be one of the fun ones on tour.

Oh I will carry you over fire and water for your love. 

Oh please do.

12) Something Great

If we have any Snow Patrol fans that listen to this song, you should know that Gary Lightbody actually wrote this song alongside the boys. The folk is back and Snow Patrol, Mumford & Song, or The Lumineers could easily pass this song as one of their own.

I want you here with me like how I pictured it so I don’t have to keep imagining.

Okay, I have to do it. Something Great is something great. Don’t judge me.

13) Little White Lies

Now this is one of my favorites. NEVER would I have imagined that One Direction would have a massive beat drop in one of their songs. Little White Lies is one of those songs that anybody can sing. ANYBODY. Actually, I’ve had a few people tweet me asking for link to the entire album, because Little White Lies brought em over into the One Direction fandom.

If this room was burnin’, I wouldn’t even notice. Cos you’ve been taking up my mind with your little white lies, little white lies. 

If One Direction met dubstep, this would be the result. And if you get a live Harry Styles with this track, expect that shoulder thrust he always does. The guitar riff in the bridge reaks of awesome.

14) Better Than Words

If you purchase the standard version of Midnight Memories, this is your concluding track.  Despite being one of the more pop-filled songs, it still has a suggestive feeling and catchy chorus that will get stuck in your head. I mean, it’s one of my favorites. I like to think if the Jackson 5 were British-Irish, they would have a field day with this one. Better Than Words really lets Niall Horan shine. His solo COMPLETELY slays the entire song:

Best I ever had, hips don’t lie. You make me wanna tsss one more night!

Obviously, being geared toward teenagers, One Direction can’t blatantly say that they want to have sex with you, but Niall gets the message across. It’s definitely the best track to end the standard version of Midnight Memories with.

15) Why Don’t We Go There

Now, of course, this is WeKnowTheDj, so standard versions of albums just ain’t gonna cut it. Go deluxe or go home, yeah? Why Don’t We Go There is the first bonus track on the deluxe version of Midnight Memories and it’s 1D’s return to the rock-theme that Midnight Memories has established.

Cos we got all night. We’re going nowhere. Why don’t you stay? Why don’t we go there?

To be frank, if One Direction wants to take you somewhere with them, you go. No questions asked.

16) Does He Know

If you’re familiar with those “does your boyfriend REALLY know you as well as me?” songs, Does He Know is one of those. But it’s good, mind you.

Does he know you can move it like that? Wooooaaahhh does he know you’re out and I want you so bad? 

The beat in this song gives 1D drummer Josh Devine a run for his money. I really, REALLY like this song. It’s one of those songs that you can give to an 80’s hair band and just say, “Here. Take it and play it.” It’s soooo good.

17) Alive

Alive is one of those songs you can catch when the credits start playing at the end of an epic movie. You know those songs, right?

She said ‘Hey, it’s alright. Does it make you feel alive? Don’t look back, live your life even if it’s only for tonight. I said, hey it’s alright if it makes you feel alive.’

I really like the bridge in this song. It’s a song of “Hey, we’re young dammit. Let’s live while we’re young!” That reference to last year’s summer song was completely unintentional. But it’s true. The guitars return in this track and leave you ready to head bang.

18) Half a Heart
I really think they’ll strip the drums from Half a Heart and sing this song acoustically for the 2014 tour. Half a Heart is a song of breaking up with somebody and them taking half of your entire being with them when they leave.
Only half a blue sky, kinda there but not quite. I’m walking around with just one shoe. I’m half a heart without you.
Half a Heart is a really good way to end to end the deluxe version of Midnight Memories, because it gives you a sentimental feeling, and if you’re a fan of One Direction, you’re singing this song to them. If you do decide to pick up Midnight Memories, don’t be cheap. Get the deluxe version. It’s a good one!
1d day logo

On this past Saturday, the 23rd of November, bandmates Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, and Liam Payne hosted and performed a massive 7 1/2 HOUR live stream for their fans. 1D Day was the perfect treat for any Directioner around the world with over 750,000 fans watching live on YouTube at any given moment (yes, I was one of them). 1D Day consisted of the British-Irish quintet hosting various segments and there were even a few attempts at breaking world records. It was a big deal.  The boys also performed acoustic performances of Story of My Life and Little Things. But if you were lucky enough to be in attendance, there was an opportunity to listen to the boys’ new album, “Midnight Memories”, for the first time EVER…legally,. 1D Day also featured appearances from top-notch celebrities including Khloe Kardashian, David Beckham, Kurt Angle, and the man who started all the One Direction madness, Simon Cowell.

Obviously, being streamed LIVE for seven hours meant that technical difficulties were inevitable. But the cheeky lads had their brilliant sense of humor on their side and made it seem as though the mess-ups were actually funnier than the segment that was supposed to happen. A lot happened in seven hours but one of my favorites had to be the food trivia challenge in the seventh hour of the show. The lads were sat in front of two mysterious dishes covered by tops and if they answered their question correctly, they’d be given the “tastier” dish instead of the most disgusting one. Niall Horan (with his freshly dyed lavender hair) ended up on the losing end of his question, which resulted in him tasting a forkful of sheep’s brain (yum!). Harry Styles had a taste of a deep-fried grasshopper which was instantly regretted. And Liam Payne resurrected his classic phobia of spoons, which the fans seemed to have forgotten about.

Without a doubt, the best part of 1D Day was the concluding 35 minutes. Jerry Springer was the segment host and he kicked off the segment by announcing he was Louis Tomlinson’s long lost granddad! Jerry even pulled Louis’ mum, Jay (with two new twin babies in her belly), onto the set and it was a massive family reunion. It was quite the tear-jerker. But Springer conducted a “1D One Big Quiz” in which the boys split off into their own teams and pulled a few fans in as teammates. Part of the segment included One Direction’s tour manager, Paul Higgins, picking up each 1D member individually and running them across the stage as quickly as he could. Whichever team could guess the amount of time Paul finished, would win 3 points. The game started off with Paul picking up Niall, followed by Liam, which followed by Zayn, and whisked them all across the 1D Day set in record time. But then…Paul ran to grab Louis who took it upon himself to LEAP in the air and spank Paul on the bum whilst being carried across the stage. Harry, who was now inspired, took a leap of faith of his own and leaped rather high and nearly overshot Paul’s shoulder in the process. “One of my nuts ended up in my stomach.” And that was the day Harry Styles saw his life flash before his eyes. If you missed any or all of 1D Day have no fear! One Direction’s YouTube page is uploading all of the madness in a mini series every week! The first edition of said mini series, dubbed “1D Day Best Bits” can be viewed below. Watch the moment that Harry almost died O_o.

where we are

First of all, MASSIVE congratulations go to Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn, and Liam for bringing home TWO American Music Awards are their first ever appearance at the awards. Btw, WeKnowTheDj’s own Lil Meg covered the AMAs so be sure to go check that out 😉 This morning, however, One Direction appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America in which they performed hits in Central Park in freezing cold weather to a dedicated audience. And after months of waiting, the boys FINALLY announced the North American leg of their 2014 Where We Are tour. Where We Are is a worldwide stadium tour which will average 65,000 fans a night and the United States have been waiting so impatiently for their concert dates, and this morning the announcement was made! In addition to Latin America and Europe, 1D will be making stops in New Orleans, Houston, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and many more cities as Where We Are hits North America! If you were quick on the draw, VIP Packages for the tour went on sale this morning but there are many more opportunities to pick your’s up if you missed it! Tickets go on sale to the general public December 7th, but there will be various presales through Facebook and VIPNation up until then. Head over to for all information about One Direction’s 2014 tour!

As you can see, if you sleep in the One Direction fandom, you miss EVERYTHING. Keep your eyes on One Direction in the future. I have name-dropped the 2014 Grammy’s like crazy, and I guarantee that next year’s show will be unpredictable. And One Direction may very well be on the nominations list. Stick with us until then, yeah? Make sure to go pick up Midnight Memories and tweet us your thoughts on this epic album at @weknowthedj!

-Blake M


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