One Direction Gets Sentimental in “Story of My Life” Video

November 6, 2013


One Direction released their latest music video Sunday and we’re still crying over it. The 4-minute compilation, created for their newest single “Story of My Life”, features elements of nostalgia with never-before-seen (and way too adorable) baby photos of the band.  Transforming those scenes into modern-day depictions of the boys and their families, the “Story of My Life” video is emotionally-ridden, subtly wistful, and undeniably endearing all at once.  Showing us a serious side of a band notorious for being carefree and fun-loving, the video is a perfect complement to a song that effectively portrays their venture into a mature sound. (And on top of that, there’s an undeniable allure to those pouty lips and just-visible scruff – is it just us or do they get more attractive every video…? *cough*)

The video starts off in what appears to be a dark room, where we’re given glimpses of the band as they develop pictures. One picture in particular of a too-cute-for-words baby Zayn Malik hugging his little sister is brought into focus, which morphs into a present-day depiction of the same scene. Grown Zayn addresses the camera as his sister gazes off-screen, frozen in place to instill a sentimentality within the scene.

As the first chorus plays, we are transported out of the picture and into a cavernous room filled with hundreds of strands of pictures, presumably from the boys’ childhoods. There is something endearing about the grown versions of the band singing the chorus lyrics, describing the story of their lives in a setting that is both pleasant and nostalgic.

The next throwback we’re given portrays Niall Horan clutching a violin beside his guitar-wielding brother. As it morphs into the present-day versions of the siblings, Niall simply oozes charm. Decked out in a preppy white sweater alongside his signature blonde locks, there’s something distinctly all-American about his appearance, despite his Irish roots. He wanders about the room examining elements of his past (a snow globe, picture frames, etcetera) as his brother stands with a placid smile.

Next up is youthful Liam Payne, sporting a coat and tie alongside his siblings and parents, all of whom are clearly dressed for a special occasion.  As Liam ages about a decade, he gazes wistfully around the room before smiling at an old framed photo of himself. (We can’t help but drool slightly at how ruggedly good-looking he appears with his stubble and suit. It’s too much to handle.)

As if we weren’t already dead enough, we’re next taken to a snapshot of baby Harry Styles smiling widely at his mom, cuddled in a robe on the couch. The photo transforms to a current-day version of the same scene, where Harry gazes proudly at his mom before looking serenely around the room in apparent nostalgia.

The last major scene change (amidst intermittent glimpses of too-cute-for-words baby pictures) comes in the form of tiny Louis Tomlinson. Propped in front of a couch filled with his parents and grandparents, Louis smiles happily at the camera, before he morphs into his 21-year-old self. Behind him, his parents transform and the images of his grandparents fade away.  In front of Louis is a plate of carrots – perhaps as a nod to the fans of the band, who will appreciate the reference to the group’s earliest days.

Overall, it’s a bittersweet video meant to mark the bittersweet memories of days past and the ways in which, despite time passing and people growing up, families never change. To mirror the lyrics of the song, “time is frozen” in each snapshot with the boys contemplating how their lives have changed as the accompanying subjects (Zayn’s sister, Niall’s brother, etcetera) stay frozen in place. There’s something irresistibly alluring and inexplicably emotional about all of it.

Overall, it’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen from One Direction, and we simply can’t get enough. Directioners worldwide have been delighted by the visual treat and are craving for more.  Luckily enough, the wait for more 1D will soon be over as the album that “Story of My Life” is taken from, Midnight Memories, releases November 25th. If it’s anything like this video, we’ll be emotional wrecks. Stay tuned.

Check out the video for “Story of My Life” below and let us know if it evoked your sentimental side the way it did ours!

-Shelley DeHekker


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