#MusicMondays Week 6: Justin Bieber Isn’t All Bad

November 11, 2013

all bad

It’s official ladies: Justin Bieber might make you so mad, but he’s not all bad. Well, judging by his latest #MusicMondays hit “All Bad”, at least. If you’ve been a part of #MusicMondays since the start at the beginning of October, you can agree that each song that is released connects you to Justin emotionally.

“All Bad” is track number 6 on Justin Bieber’s list of 10, following in the footsteps of its predecessors such as “Recovery”, “Hold Tight”, and the track that started all of the madness, “Heartbreaker”. But my personal favorite has to be the newest one. “All Bad” is almost a plea for Bieber’s significant other to forget all the BS that surrounds his life, and take him for him.

The wrong thing, they be worried bout. You know females, they like to run their mouths.”

If you are one of those people (like me) who makes up your own music video whilst listening to a song, I think you can agree with me when I say that you can just imagine Justin being on his knees begging for this girl to stay. In this track, Justin is trying to convey that negativity will not jeopardize the relationships that he is apart of. After all, most of the BS that surrounds this relationship in this journal stems from jealousy from his female haters.

Wanna be, wanna be just like, talk like you. Misery, misery loves company. Don’t let em change your mood.” 

They (whether it be his haters or his ex-girlfriends) seem to feed off of the negativity that surrounds Justin’s life, and they spread it like wildfire. Biebs later goes on to say that these females are just jealous of Bieber’s new found love interest, and they will literally say anything to ruin the relationship for whomever is lucky enough to be involved with him. In this track, he’s trying to convey that this negativity will not jeopardize this relationship he’s in, and he’ll prove it to her. After all, most of the BS that surrounds the relationship in this song stems from jealous females.

It is the 6th week of ten journals that Justin has released as a part of his #MusicMondays, and they get more personal as each week goes by. And the thing that resonates so well will these music journal is despite them being Justin’s personal stories, everyone can relate to them. One thing I love doing when new music is released is scroll down my Twitter feed and get a feel as to how fans react to it. And lately, these music journals have struck chords every Sunday night with whoever listens to it. What a lot of people forget is that if you take away of the fame and adulation that Justin’s acquired over career, he’s human. I think that’s what #MusicMondays is about, really. Whether it be listening to “All Bad” or flipping back a few pages and listening to “Heartbreaker”, every personal story that Justin releases connects with its listener.

That’s what they do, just try to get at me.”

Okay. You don’t have to be a fan of Justin Bieber to see his name and face on some bogus headline every single week. New week, new “story”. I don’t think these lyrics stop at just Bieber’s ex-girlfriends, though. I think he’s talking about everyone, really. Every hater, every person that has something negative to say about him will always be trying to ruin what is good in his life. Thankfully, Justin surrounds himself with an amazing crew and amazing fans so we can all be rest assured that the good outweighs the bad. Beliebers can agree with me when I say that there are two things that Justin strives to focus on every single day: the positives and the music. But what’s interesting is that if Justin is upset about something personal in his life, he doesn’t publicly voice his frustrations on the matter; he writes a song about it.

As previously mentioned, “All Bad” is track 6 of 10. 10 very personal (and very real) stories that have happened in Justin’s life that he is allowing his fans to hear. Not many people would do that and for that Justin, as one Belieber among 46.8 Million, I thank you.

“All Bad” (as well as ALL of the previous #MusicMondays) are available for purchase on iTunes now, and if you really want an insight into the life and mind of Justin Bieber, take a listen. I promise you that you won’t regret it. We have 4 more weeks of journals to unveil and we can only imagine what lies ahead on this epic journey of #MusicMondays!

-Blake M




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