Martin Garrix: The EDM Wunderkind

November 21, 2013

Scooter Braun Projects (SBP) recently confirmed that Martin Garrix has been signed up to their roster and will be handled by SBP agent, Michael George. Garrix becomes SBP’s first EDM client in a split worldwide management deal with MusicAllStars Management, a sister company of Dutch label, Spinnin Records.

The 17-year-old wunderkind, whose real name is Martijn Garritsen, began spinning records with the label BFAM in 2012, winning the Nightlife Award during the SLAM! FM DJ Talent of the Year Awards. His remix of Christina Aguileras’ “Your Body” brought further attention his way when she added the track to her Deluxe version of the “Lotus” album. But it was his solo release “Animals” through Dutch record label, Spinnin Records, back in June that launched the DJ into Europe with considerable force.

This Sunday saw the Dutch DJ beat Lily Allen to claim the number one spot on the UK singles chart with his debut instrumental EDM track “Animals”. A self-effacing and humble Garritsen told BBC Radio One that he “never expected to get in the charts” adding “I make a track to get played in the clubs and festivals and suddenly the radios picked it up and started playing it”.

The hit single was, in fact, produced in his bedroom back in The Netherlands. Not surprising when you consider the 17-year-old is still in high school. Much of his spare time is spent hanging out with friends, so it would appear his life still holds some semblance of normality. However, with a tour starting soon, the young DJ will be launched into a different way of life on the road. Whilst speaking to Radio One the artist said “During December I am away for three and a half weeks and I’m only with my tour manger. I just decided I’m going to fly some friends in with me for a few shows. But sometimes the really big tours are not so great.”

It can be tough to be away from friends and family, but when the world latches on to a talent there’s no point in denying fans the opportunity to see an artist perform, so perform he must. But having management who understand the ups and downs of a life on the road is invaluable. Michael George is a relatively new addition to SBP but Braun believes in his staff and under the watchful eye of Braun, Garritsen will find himself in safe hands. As Braun tweeted yesterday:

“when i was 17 i used to DJ a little. my life was NOT like this. Ladies and Gentlemen… @MartinGarrix #Wizard ”

They understand the teen is very young and it can be overwhelming, but at the same time, they see the talent and are there to make the world see the talent too.  As George said of Garrix in an interview for Global 14:

“There was just something about the charisma and his personality that really shined through to me. When I went home, we Skyped and – I’ll never forget – he came on Skype and said to me, ‘Bro, bro! I’ve had this melody in my head, I couldn’t sleep! I need to send you the song!’ And he sent me the demo version of ‘Animals.”

Garrix’ next single “Wizard” is set for official release in February 2014 and we at WeKnowTheDJ predict it will be another smash.  But for now, we’re still loving “Animals”.

-Lucy Jenkins.




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