Katy Perry Travels Back in Time in Unconditionally Video

November 21, 2013


Katy Perry has always been one to think outside of the box when making decisions about the path her career travels. Although the “Roar” singer is always willing to make people talk, she plays it safe with her music videos, usually choosing an over-the-top pop theme. Her newest video, “Unconditionally,” which premiered on MTV on November 19th, provides Katy with an opportunity to step away from her creative comfort zone, giving the world something completely different.

“Unconditionally” follows the theme of Katy’s most recent album, Prism, while portraying how Perry deals with struggles, maturity and restraints. Last week, Katy told MTV that the video would focus on “beauty and glamour,” causing curiosity to ensue. How could someone who’s always so carefree, successfully pull of a serious music video? Well, Katy Perry has accomplished it; this music video is on the other end of the spectrum from anything the “California Gurls” artist has released in the past!

With lavish backgrounds, costumes that look like they’re straight out of a history book, and visuals that will silence viewers, “Unconditionally,” relies solely on image. The almost four-minute video begins with Perry surrounded by slowly falling snow and features many outfits changes, each one more extravagant than the previous. It seems her intentions with the video’s release were to give her fans art to be admired, not over-analyzed.

Sending out a tweet to her 47 million Twitter followers after the Tuesday night premiere, Perry wanted to know what unconditional love feels like to each of them. With thousands of retweets and favorites, we’re curious to know the answer! We’ve posted the official music video for “Unconditionally” for your viewing pleasure, so check it out, then send us a tweet at @weknowthedj to let us know your thoughts!

Meg C. (@megchamp07)

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