Kanye West Expresses His Love For Kim Kardashian In New Music Video

November 21, 2013

Bound 2

Kanye West is definitely bound to Kim Kardashian; a fact he proves in his new music video for his new song, “Bound 2”.

The rapper made a rare appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show today where he debuted the music video. Before the video was shown, Ellen made a mild joke out of the content before she previewed it. She warned her viewers that the content is a little racy due to a half-naked Kim and maybe a little more “action” between the couple then you might have expected.

The video starts off with beautiful views of different parts of the world until a black crow swoops in and Kanye appears on the screen, riding on a motorcycle. The now blonde Kim had no problem showing off her new body, being that she was shirtless throughout the entirety of the video. She rode with her back to the front of the motorcycle, straddling Kanye. The explicitly of the video expresses the obvious fact that Kanye and Kim may or may not be doing a little more than straddling each other on the bike. But, I will keep it PG and leave it at that.

It is also pretty obvious through Kanye’s lyrics that the track is all about Kim. First he talks about the typical girl he would find in a club, this being a girl wearing barely anything and dancing with all kinds of random dudes. In his next verse he solely talks about Kim and how he is “bound to fall in love”. In the interview with Ellen he talks about how Kim is the “perfect woman” and that he has finally found his dream girl. He explains how she is always there for him at his lowest times and always knows how to make him feel like he is important. This song was a perfect way for Kanye to express how he feels about Kim through what he knows best… music!


As you may already know, West has been on tour, which he entitled, the Yeezus Tour. The graphics and performance he puts into each show is something that needs to be seen. He even gets lifted into the air at points, which takes his song to new heights (pun intended). Kanye being the unique artist he is, wanted this tour to be a sequence of performances that is pure entertainment for his fans. Kanye is known for expressing his music very differently, which is refreshing to witness. Not only is the Yeezus Tour an unbelievable spectacle, but it also showcases his many talents in every way possible.

As a Kimye advocate, I am extremely happy about the couple’s recent engagement and I can’t wait to see how cute baby North is going to look at the wedding! If you haven’t gotten the chance to watch or listen to the music video yet, check it out below and let us know what you think about it by tweeting us at @weknowthedj on twitter.

– Alana K. (@alanakellyMD)

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