Justin Bieber’s #MusicMondays: “Roller Coaster”

November 25, 2013


Boy, has it been a roller coaster of a year for Justin Bieber.  From the smash success of his Believe world tour, to the triumphs and turmoils of his personal life, the world has stood by to watch as he has embarked on one hell of a ride in the past eleven months. Such a ride is undoubtedly part of the inspiration spurring the creation of his latest #MusicMonday hit, “Roller Coaster”. Joining the slew of recent singles as number 8 on the shelf, “Roller Coaster” is an upbeat, R&B-infused treat that is sure to delight Beliebers across the globe in addition to converting a few haters to the Bieber train. In addition to showcasing Bieber’s undeniable vocal talents, the song adheres to a catchy beat with just as infectious lyrics.

Singing “roller coaster, roller coaster / spinning all around and around for a world baby / roller coaster, roller coaster / for a minute we were up, but the next we’re falling down”, the 19-year-old pop prince is undoubtedly referring to a relationship in which things can’t ever seem to stay stable – perhaps a reference to his famous relationship with actress-turned-pop-star Selena Gomez? Regardless of who or what it may be referring to, the song tells the story of struggling to pinpoint what went wrong in a relationship and how it came to be such a whirlwind.

It’s the latest in his series of #MusicMondays and only sets the bar higher for what’s to come next from the world’s favorite Canadian pop star. “Roller Coaster” is now available on iTunes – go pick up your copy today and let us know what you think!


-Shelley DeHekker


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