Justin Bieber’s BELIEVE: Watch Official Trailer Here!

November 15, 2013

“When you’ve reached a certain point in your life, there are people out there waiting to see you fall. But rather than let gravity take you down, sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands and fly.”

Believe Movie Feature

What’s the difference between the average 19-year-old teenager, and pop star Justin Bieber? Trick question… it’s not a lot and this Christmas you might be able to see that for yourself.

It’s been a whirlwind of a year in the life of Biebs. He’s been pulled, pushed and kicked down by the media for simply, acting his age. So what’s holding him together? Positivity. Although it’s nearly impossible for him to lead a “normal” life, it’s become easier when you put a smile on your face. After all, he’s got quite a lot to smile about if you ask us!

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On December 25th, you can get an exclusive look into Justin Bieber’s journey from a young youtube star to the worldwide phenomenon you see in headlines everyday. Only the twist is, you’ll be seeing the truth. He’ll be answering the questions you’ve been dying to ask and opening your eyes to what the media has neglected to show. In this documentary, you’ll be getting the Believe Tour experience and then some.

The Believe movie has been a developing project all year. At first cut the film was to be a simple concert movie, showing you the entire tour as it came together. While the year stretched out and the media started to press, it began taking a toll on the pop star. At some point when rumours get thrown around there’s really no sense in addressing it all individually. So naturally, the idea of a “concert film” got transformed into a tell-all.

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With plenty of concert footage captured, Scooter Braun, Director Jon Chu and some of Bieber’s nearest and dearest sat down in a 3 hour interview session. Being surrounded by his family and friends, Bieber opens up in the interview about the toughest challenges he has faced, the lengths the media has pushed him to and exactly what is keeping him sane.

Contrary to what the media and the general public might believe, he’s a human being that is fully aware of his surroundings and his choices. This means he sees the headlines, he sees the gossip and he most definitely sees the public opinion. So what does he have to say when he’s asked, “are you aware you could be the next train wreck?”

Watch the official Believe Movie trailer here:

Believe Movie - fl

The countdown for the movie is at 40 days! Too anxious to wait? Not worry because Team Bieber has plenty to occupy you and make the time go by even faster! If you’re from the US, you can go ahead and start purchasing pre sale tickets to the movie at this link –¬†http://www.fandango.com/justinbieber:believe_169400/movietimes

There are currently ONLY US cities listed for available purchase of tickets and throughout the next few days more US cities will be added to the list. Not from the US? No problem. The Believe Movie will be available worldwide to all Beliebers. Between now through Christmas, pre sale options will be released to you all over the world. Trust us! This movie is so great that we want you all to be able to watch it!

Meanwhile, if you aren’t aware, #MusicMondays has been in effect! Straight from Justin’s journals come to you his most personal songs that express his deepest feelings! We’ve brought you 6 out of the 10 every Monday on weknowthedj.com and there’s still more to come.

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Purchase your pre sale Believe Movie ticket and you could get access to the next track #Alone!

So get your family and friends together during the holidays, invite the haters and doubters, to enjoy¬†Justin Bieber’s Believe. But be quick! The movie is only in theatres for a limited time, so get in as many views as you can!

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-Sara Soulati


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