Justin Bieber Releases Newest Music Mondays Track-Bad Day

November 4, 2013

bad day

He’s done it again. Justin Bieber released his fifth Music Monday song at midnight and they just keep getting better. Can you believe we are now at the half way mark for the number of tracks from his music journals?

The singer who began this series with “Heartbreaker” and last week dropped “Recovery” has changed things around a little with his most recent release, “Bad Day.”  The song is ironically more upbeat (driven by guitars) and shorter than the rest.

Justin uploaded an Instagram video of him singing a verse from “Bad Day” just a few minutes before the song was released to hype fans and with over 150,000 likes within just a half hour of its upload, it did exactly that. That voice, dear God, is amazing!

The song begins with lyrics, “No I didn’t think you would let me down that easy…and I didn’t think it was over until you walked away, like it was nothing baby.”

Justin sings about how hard it was to give up all that he was willing to fight for and not even get a proper goodbye out of it.

In reference to what the track is about, Justin says, “There are times in relationships where things aren’t going well, where you know something isn’t right. But when you’re in love, you feel like no matter what, you’ll make it work…until the day comes where the person doesn’t feel the same way and walks out. That day – the day where everything you were willing to fight for is gone – is what Bad Day is all casino online about.”

It takes the listener to that time, the day of a break-up when everything is crashing down on you, but the other person seems fine. Justin takes his fans on a journey to the sad journey he went through, but it seems like he is finally moving on.

In the final lyrics, Justin sings, “I know I was wrong but you could have said “goodbye” baby it was a bad day.”

The song being so short and only alluding to one day makes me think that this is when the infamous break-up was over for good. It would have made sense to release this song first, but this order is all the more intriguing.

I, along with many other Beliebers, just have one problem with the song, I WANT MORE! I feel like I’m just getting into it, and then it ends. It almost feels more like a sample than a complete song, but this just brings me back to the thought that it is just a short phase (a bad day) that the Biebs recovered from. See what I did there?

No surprise that the track is receiving good reviews; personally it is my second favorite. “All That Matters” still remains at the top of my list. Support the song and buy it here: http://t.co/fvNw36LPSK.

In other news, Justin has just over a month before he finishes his tour out in Australia. Last night in Brazil, a crazy fan tried to get on stage with him, and succeeded. Check out the video here and comment below what you think of the song!


-Brooke P.


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