Jake Miller “Us Against Them” Complete Album Review!

November 5, 2013



Jake Miller is at it again! As an up-and-coming making his mark in the music industry, Jake Miller is living the life that everyone wishes for! This past May, weknowthedj.com featured Miller for the first time and has been routinely checking in with the almost 21-year old. What’s the reason for this checkup? Jake has officially released his debut album, Us Against Them! Although the world has heard Jake’s music in the past through various EPs, Us Against Them is his first full-length album! Within an hour of its release, Us Against Them hit number three on the iTunes hip-hop chart, passing Drake’s Nothing Was The Same. Citing Drake as his favorite rapper on numerous occasions, this feat is a huge deal for Weston, Florida native! In this situation, we need to let the music speak for itself and showcase Jake Miller’s undeniable talent! Weknowthedj has always been all about the music so make sure to check out our track-by-track review of Us Against Them, posted below!


Released on September 16th as the album’s lead single and featured as the lead track, Collide was the perfect choice to introduce fans and new listeners to Us Against Them. The futuristic beat continuously plays in the background as Jake sings and raps about a love that means the most to him. The single has received positive feedback and has been heard on mainstream radio stations almost daily. Jake’s right, he’s building an empire in a “New York minute!” A month after its iTunes debut, Jake released the music video to Collide on his VEVO account on YouTube; we’ve posted the video below so definitely check that out!


With a beat that matches Jake’s spunky personality, Hollywood will easily become a fan-favorite. Making references to Super Smash Bros, Regis and Kelly, and TMZ, Jake is diving headfirst into the music industry and Hollywood lifestyle! Jake has called Hollywood his favorite track on the full-length album. With the chorus, “We livin’ the dream, we going Hollywood, just me and my team, fresh up on the scene,” and verses like “We live the life, looking down on LA lights, staring at the Hollywood sign,” everyone wants to be Jake Miller!

Me and You

Making its mark pretty high on my list of personal favorites from the album, Me and You is all about escaping. As everyone grows up, their minds begin to wander and curiosity kicks in. What else is out there? How can I explore this world so much bigger than myself? In Me and You, Jake is wiling to make the escape, ready to “leave behind all that we know.” A lot of times, people get stuck in the small world they’ve been confined to, but Jake says he and his “partner in crime,” are “the only ones that will make it out” because “there’s not much for us in this town anyway.” Making reference to the album’s title, Jake repeatedly raps, “Us against them, the whole world versus me and you.” Jake, we’re rooting for you!

High Life (featuring Jeremy Thurber)

If “Welcome to the high life,” “Let’s go all night,” and “Break it down, turn it up,” are indications of the lifestyle that’s becoming normal for Jake Miller, we want to live it too! Making references to being “on top of the world like Big Sean and JB,” Megan Fox and Honey Boo Boo, Jake shows that he’s up-to-date on all things happening in this crazy world we call the entertainment industry! At one point in the track, Jake questions “who’s that dude on tv, wait, he looks a lot like me,” making us wonder how surreal it is for the Florida native to see himself on the silver screen.

My Couch

In a world of usual mayhem, sometimes Jake likes to kick it on his couch with his girl and we can’t blame him for that! Everyone needs some time to rest! In the album’s fifth track, Jake raps about Lucky Charms, Breaking Bad, making Ramen, flipping through the DVR and getting frisky during commercials; what else could you possibly need for a lazy day or night? Paying respect to Drizzy, Jake throws in a “with the sweatpants, hair tied, chillin’ with no makeup on,” line while talking about longtime girlfriend Madison Bertini. Do you want to be on Jake’s couch? It’s possible! He’s been bringing a girl onto his couch during his Us Against Them tour so go get your tickets and maybe you’ll find a way onto the couch!


Slowing the pace down a little, Jake shows his fans that life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows; sometimes you have to stand out in the rain. In Homeless, Jake opens up about a time that wasn’t perfect, possibly a fight or break up with a loved one. The track starts off with, “I try to knock as you change the locks, now I’m all alone, where am I supposed to go? If you are where my home is, I guess that makes me homeless,” giving me the urge to go give Miller a hug. Jake shows his sensitive side on this track, rapping, “From the outside looking in, you’d think I’m just fine, but I’m a bigger wreck than the Titanic inside.” Remember Jake, the bad days make you appreciate the good days; keep smiling!

Carry On

With a jetsetter lifestyle, Jake Miller packs up for months at a time and travels the world doing what he loves even though it means he has to be away from his family and loved ones for extended periods of time. In Carry On, Jake speaks about traveling from New York to LA and Miami to Chicago while wanting to bring his love with him everywhere he goes! With verses like “I’ll be the TSA, I’ll give you the pat down,” and references to the Mile High Club and making turbulence, Jake makes a normal day in the airport seem like a good time!


As I continue to listen to Us Against Them, Heaven might be one of my favorite tracks. Determination and willpower prove to be necessary as Jake continues to chase his dreams. Touring the country and signing deals before his 21st birthday are reasons Jake can confirm that dreams can come true. Starting “all the way down in Bikini Bottom, now I’m blowing up like I’m Mrs. Puff,” this is just the beginning of Jake’s next chapter as he conquers the world by doing what he loves. We have to agree with Jake when he raps, “Believe it or not, after all this time, I’m starting to feel like I made it;” the twenty-year old from a small town in Florida has definitely “made it!”

A Million Lives

Featured on his The Road Less Traveled EP, A Million Lives has been called one of Jake Miller’s most inspirational songs. For the young man, his journey into the music industry isn’t about making millions of dollars; for Jake, the journey is about touching the lives of millions of people. Sharing stories of fan encounters, Jake opens up about how his dedicated Millertary has changed his life in the same ways that he’s changed so many lives. We’ve posted the music video for A Million Lives below so make sure you watch that!


As the album comes toward the end, Jake revisits the struggles he’s faced in this lifestyle he’s been thrown into. In Puppet, Jake explains the ways he feels like he’s being pulled in 50 million directions. Between pleasing his girlfriend, family, agent and label, there’s almost no time for him to be a normal kid. Although they never said it would be easy, we can’t blame Jake for wanting some time to go to the beach, mall and gym or to spend time with his girlfriend. Jake mentions this album failing but now’s the time for us to reassure him that this album is not going to fail, it’s potential is unlimited!

Number One Rule

What’s the Number One Rule? Well according to Jake Miller, it’s never be number two! Starting in his basement as a young kid to travelling around the nation and killing shows, Jake has proven that he’s ready to chase every dream. With his Millertary by his side, he’s not stopping ‘til he’s the best and he’s definitely not settling for anything less! We see Jake’s potential, he sees his capabilities and his fans support him every step of the way; there’s no doubt that he’s heading to the top!

Collide (Traptain Morgan Remix) (Bonus Track)

As the first bonus track on the album, the Traptain Morgan remix of Collide is one that I’m expecting to hear in frat parties from now on! The beat added to the already near-perfect song is one that’ll keep your body moving, especially if you’ve been spending time at the Beer Pong table or at the keg! I speak on behalf of my eight housemates when I say that the Collide (Traptain Morgan Remix) will definitely be added to our pre-game playlist!

Dead and Gone (Bonus Track)

As the second bonus and final song of the album, Dead and Gone is one that everyone needs to listen to! Jake sings “This song will probably never go platinum but listen close cause it’s the most important song on this album,” and I have to agree: this is the winner, this is what it’s all about. Will you remember me when I’m dead and gone? Jake teaches an important lesson in this track that everyone needs to think about: the numbers on your tombstone don’t mean a thing; it’s the dash in between that means the most. You’re given one life; it’s time to live it and make a difference in this world!

As the album finished, I’ve decided that this one was definitely worth the wait. Finding out about Jake last April when his “The Road Less Traveled EP” was released, I immediately knew we could expect big things! “Us Against Them” is just the beginning on the “big things” as Jake has just begun a countrywide tour and has plans for even more in the future. Tickets are still available for his tour, which runs until December 23rd so visit jakemiller.com and check that out! Also, be sure to follow Jake on Twitter at @jakemillermusic and send us a tweet at @weknowthedj to share your thoughts about “Us Against Them” and all things Miller!

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