Introducing: Jordan Morris

November 25, 2013


He knows Urban R&B and he’s bringing it to you. Get ready for Jordan Morris.

Those blue eyes are not the only striking factor about 19-year-old North London singer, Jordan Morris. Take one listen to his debut track “No Rehab” and you’ll hear a beautiful voice with an echoing lilt of R&B pop-esque perfection and you’ll love it.

Signed to LDN management and IQMG records, Morris is the UK’s up and coming answer to Drake. “No Rehab” opens with a light pop beat merging with a heavy bassline that perfectly compliments Morris’s vocal tones. Vocals which, stripped back without any background music, are absolutely beautiful. His range is outstanding.

A point proven in his acoustic cover of Imagine Dragons’ “Radioactive”. The boy can sing.

The “No Rehab” video was filmed in Atlanta, GA and directed by @postelliot. Morris tells us “I’m addicted to the light” as he and his girl (played by the stunning @Heather_LB ) spend the night just doing their thing on the town, no worries to hold them back “Don’t you worry ’bout a damn thing” his lover tells him. This night is all about forgetting everything else “we gonna blow tonight”.

It’s what we all need sometimes, to forget everything and just get lost in the night, the lights and the music.

As the track rolls on, Morris says “Music is a part of me, ain’t hard to see” and we at WeKnowTheDJ.Com couldn’t agree more. He is one to watch.

Download “No Rehab” free here!

Check out Jordan’s website here: his Facebook here: and find him on Twitter @JordanMorrisUK

-Lucy Jenkins.



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