Is this the end of YOUTUBE?

November 25, 2013


Since the launch of YouTube, the internet has become the ultimate self-marketing outlet. Without any restrictions, people are able to display their talents on this website and count on it to be accessible by the billions of internet users around the world.

On any given day, these hollywood hopefuls will set their cameras up and sing their hearts out in hopes of a viewer with powerful connections sees it and deems them worthy of the “big break”- their ticket into Hollywood. You’ve all heard the story; young boy from a small town in Canada posts a video on YouTube only to be discovered for his musical talents… well he went on to be a huge success and a worldwide phenomenon, this might sound familiar to you.

He wasn’t the first to rest his dreams in the hands of YouTube, many before did the same as well and a multitude of people after. So as just another social media platform, YouTube has an edge that Facebook or MySpace did not; the simplicity. Record your video, upload it and done!

Now as the years have passed, the popularity for platforms like MySpace diminished or arguably vanished. As Twitter began gaining more traffic, Facebook users dwindled down and we began the age of the smartphone apps. Social Media graduated its days of being all about web-access to being accessible at the tip of your fingers. We were introduced to not only phone application models of Facebook and Twitter, but new networks like Instagram, Keek, Viddy, etc. So with a network that was dedicated to updating your “status” (twitter) and another to sharing your photos (instagram), we can see where it all went blurry for Facebook.

So where did this leave YouTube? In our fast-pace world, fads come and go, but was YouTube one of them? As the website progressed, it went from being a sharing outlet for young musical hopefuls to also signed artists who needed an easy way to release their music videos. This is where Vevo comes in. A concept adapted solely to bring in high-end advertisers and to focus on music-filtering out the comedic cat video’s spiralling all over YouTube. Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and EMI Records joined forces to create the next official music video executor.


With Vevo, we’ve seen ultimate success and friendly competitions within the network artists. Upon releasing a video, the “Vevo 24-hour Record” title is given to a music clip that attains the most views in 24-hours. The score to beat right now sits at 19.3M for Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball”. Vevo certifications are also renowned now as they are presented to each artist when their video’s reach 100M views. Sitting at the top 3 most Vevo certified video’s is Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga!

So the upper hand was taken by Vevo for any and every record label video release, where did this leave the young YouTube hopefuls? The ones looking to be discovered? Not in a YouTube limbo that’s for sure. Video apps began popping out from everywhere! Keek had its shining 15-Minutes for, well, 15-minutes. Where you’ll find the most talented of young artists showcasing their talents is an app called Vine! The curious video duration of 6 seconds lets you catch a taste of the voice but leaves you wanting, needing, to hear more.

After studying the app from account to account, was it safe to assume that Vine had replaced the total functions of YouTube? After all, there is a mix of hilarious comedy with just about everything else you can find on YouTube. The answer is NO… sort of.

While YouTube remains the main video outlet, it’s gotten a little harder to fish through the billions of videos and find that one shining star. So this is where Vine comes in, as the perfect way to market yourself in the 2nd degree! Those short 6 second previews of your magical voice become the gateway to luring viewers into your YouTube page where the REAL stuff happens.

Is this the end of YouTube? Absolutely not. While ideas may have branched out of YouTube, they’re only innovations and improvements. YouTube remains the power plug. is taking you further into social media with our newest segment: Social Media Sundays. Stay tuned for what we have in store for you! Tweet us at @weknowthedj and let us know what you think

-Sara Soulati (@sarasoulati)


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