Demi Releases “Let It Go” Music Video: Watch Here!

November 4, 2013


It’s no secret Demi Lovato is a strong advocate to young adults across the world on self-worth and confidence, so it was only fitting for her to take on the track “Let It Go” for the soundtrack of the upcoming Disney movie “Frozen.”

The video beings with a sullen Demi seated in a nearly-empty mansion, surrounded by unused furniture and unread books. We’re even given occasional footage of the yet-to-be released movie in between the scenes. As the video started, Demi was in all black and crouched in the corners of the estate but the further we go into the clip, the more she starts moving throughout the rooms until she’s suddenly on both feet, looking empowered in an all-white gown.

Passing along the message that we should all accept ourselves and ultimately “let it go”, we can feel her emotions not only through her booming voice but the sincerity in her movements, perhaps even relating while she sings “the past is all behind me.”

The animated movie, due November 27th, follows a young woman who is voiced by Kristen Bell, searching for her sister, voiced by Idina Menzel who sings “Let It Go” in the movie herself.

Recently Bell sat down to explain the premise of the animated film and she said, “The movie is about a pair of sisters — one who has the power to freeze things, and it happens when she is fearful or angry,” she said. “And because of feeling terrified to show that to the world, she sort of runs away and freezes the town accidentally. I play the sister Anna, who makes it her mission to travel across these snowy lands and bring her sister back amidst the fact that they’re fighting and kind of at that point hate each other. It’s kind of how they make up and find love in the end.”

Apart from the animated film, the list of commitments do not stop for Demi. Upon releasing her album “Demi”, she was not able to go on a full-fledged tour as support due to her ties with judging on X Factor but she has officially released the dates for her “Neon Lights Tour.” She will be kicking things off in Vancouver, Canada on February 9th 2014 and the concerts will run through to the end of March.

neon lights

Supporting her as openers will be past-X Factor finalist group Fifth Harmony and Little Mix, as well as Cher Lloyd who will complete Demi’s all-girl line up.

Having recently talked to Billboard about the tour, she was asked a question most of you might be wondering as well; why postpone supporting her album in order to return to X Factor for a second run?



“When you have the opportunity to be in front of America every single week several times a week, that’s a very incredible opportunity, not only because your fans get to know you better, but… I was on the Disney Channel forever, and was waiting for that right job that would help me cross over to the mainstream world. I was not only in front of my fans every week, but I was also in front of adults. I never used to get recognized by adults, and now when I’m at the airport or the grocery store, the guy behind the register will be like, ‘I love you on “X Factor”!’ It’s really awesome to have expanded my fan base.”

Continuing to appear on X Factor, Demi also took some time last month to guest-star on Glee as Naya Rivera’s love interest.

Make sure you grab tickets to the “Neon Lights Tour” before they are sold out and don’t miss Disney’s Frozen out on November 27!

-Sara Soulati


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