Introducing KYLE MINER!

November 15, 2013

Sometimes the deepest of talents go unnoticed right under our noses, but if we look close enough, we might be able to spot them. In this case, it’s behind a saxophone, a set of drums or even a piano. We’re talking about 18-year-old Kyle Miner, who appears behind these instruments on the daily while performing with the charming boys of Emblem3.

kyle minor

Before the days of X-Factor that moulded the E3 boys into who they are today, they were accompanied by 2 others in a band including Kyle Miner and Kenny Galbraith. As decisions were made to participate in X-Factor, Keaton, Drew and Wes of E3 pursued the competition alone as the contest only permits singing talents, not instrumental.

Today, although having gone their separate ways, Kyle and Kenny continued to be part of the E3’s live band and play with them at a few live shows. What some of you may not have known however, is that young Kyle Minor has a voice that will blow you away.

kylie miner 2

After having recently celebrated his 18th birthday on November 2nd, Kyle uploaded a youtube video of one of his original songs as a submission for Guitar Center’s Singer-Songwriter contest. This artist discovery program has had nearly 30,000 hopefuls enter their contest in hopes of winning a record deal, tons of cash and even more exposure for the last 2 years! In its 3rd year of activity, the contest is already tuning in over 10,000 youtube channels to date as entries. One of which, belonging to Kyle Miner.

When listening to the track for the first time you’ll catch a “John Mayer” feel from it. Continue to listen, and you’ll realize his talents go far beyond, into a unique orbit of its own. As he effortlessly strums the cords on the guitar with a sunny California as his backdrop, he sings “I’ll hold you at my doorsteps, and we’ll kiss under the moon.”

A deep sultry voice goes a long way, but it really does help that he’s not too bad to look at! We’ll admit it adds to the appeal.

This is the first time we’re introducing Kyle to our weknowthedj readers but its certainly not the last! With a voice like that, and a face that can’t disappoint… we have a feeling he’ll be making multiple appearances.

Stay updated by following Kyle on twitter @kyleminermusic and don’t forget to tweet us at @weknowthedj to let us know what you think! We love introducing new music and artists to our readers.

-Sara Soulati


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