Bruno Mars, Pharrell Williams and R.Kelly Ramp Up The Raunch Factor With The G-Mix

November 11, 2013

Last week on November 8th Bruno Mars unveiled a remix of his hit track, “Gorilla” – taken from his latest album Unorthodox Jukebox.

This time he brought Pharrell Williams along for the ride (because that’s what you do these days isn’t it? Who hasn’t collaborated with Mr. Williams lately? And with good reason, the man is a legend in his own lifetime). But, one legend is simply not enough for Mars, so he made room for R.Kelly too, who provides the fillet steak equivalent of R&B quality.¬†Naturally, with that comes a tremendous amount of self-confidence as lyrics like “I’m like an anaconda in your garden/Baby girl, I’m explorin’,” are testament to.

Pharrell adds in his sexy little rap that opens the track and mirrors Mars’ original steamy lyrics whilst reminding the listener of N.E.R.D. (as if we could forget, my personal favourite was “Rockstar”). He also makes yoga positions sound 100 times more interesting.


We then head straight back into Mars’ original sexy slow-jam. The package all fits together nicely, Mars, Williams and Kelly all complimenting one-another. The remix is to be referred to as the “G-Mix” and the real show-stopper of the track has to be R.Kelly’s animal sounds. Many of us try our best to imitate monkeys, but how many of us can honestly say they can carry off an “oooh oooh oooooh ooooh” with THAT much sexiness in their voice?? I’m thinking none, except for R.Kelly.

So dear WeKnowTheDJ readers, do you prefer the delightful Hawaiian popstrel’s original version below:

or, are we now all growling (well, the ladies at least) to the G-Mix?  Tell us your thoughts at @weknowthedj .

The burning question on my mind though, is this; will Mars bring the G-Mix to the Superbowl next February? He is, after all, booked to perform at the half-time show! That just leaves one final question; who will play the gorilla?




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