WeknowtheDJ Review: The Wanted Hits the Stage at the Roseland Ballroom

October 30, 2013


New York City can easily be referred to as the music capital of the world, the skyscrapers and flashing lights serve as a backdrop for one of the busiest stages. From street performers and subway dancers to intimate ballrooms and one of the world’s most-respected arenas, New York City has it all. This past weekend, four girls from our Weknowthedj team, myself included, and our two self-appointed hype-girls took a trip to New York City for some much-needed “best friend time.” Working for Weknowthedj, music is our passion and one of our main priorities; so of course while planning our trip, we wanted to experience the New York music scene in one way or another.

As a New Yorker, while researching things to do for the weekend, I tried my best to stay away from the classic “tourist” spots; no trips were taken to the Empire State Building or the Statue of Liberty. Instead, we spent our Saturday night at the historic Roseland Ballroom, watching The Wanted kill it on stage! Max, Nathan, Siva, Jay and Tom stopped at the Roseland Ballroom for the finale of their fall tour. The girls and I are used to experiencing the Believe Tour, where Justin Bieber sells out crowds of thousands, so we didn’t know what to expect at an intimate concert at the Roseland Ballroom.

Being in the right place at the right time, and possibly due to our age and charm, we found ourselves being escorted to the venue’s VIP section, joining Perez Hilton, model Nina Agdal and many more. As we surpassed the General Admission and the screaming girls, we were given an incredible show from an amazing location. The six of us had seen The Wanted’s ridiculously addictive reality show, The Wanted Life, so we knew the concert would be just as entertaining!


Performing hits such as “Walks Like Rihanna,” “All Time Low,” “We Own The Night,” “Heart Vacancy,” and “Chasing the Sun,” the boys of The Wanted sang their hearts out and put on an incredible show for their dedicated fans. While “Heart Vacancy” played in the background, the five band-members brought five lucky girls on stage to be serenaded. Hundreds envied the chosen girls as they got to experience the personal side of The Wanted. In true The Wanted inappropriateness, Jay’s lucky lady for “Heart Vacancy,” took it upon herself to take things to the next level and it was extremely entertaining! The crowd was singing and dancing along the entire night, going crazy as the guys performed their favorite songs!

At midnight, an hour and a half after The Wanted’s set ended, they dropped their newest single “Show Me Love (America).” Their fans love it and we have to agree! If this track is any indication of what to expect from their upcoming album, Word Of Mouth, we’re excited to hear the entire project! Word Of Mouth hits iTunes and stores next week, on November 4th so make sure you grab that! We’ve posted the audio for “Show Me Love (America)” below so you should definitely go listen! Also, send us a tweet at @weknowthedj and let us know your thoughts!

Meg C. (@megchamp07)

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