Update: WeKnowTheDj Sits Down With “The Next Ryan Seacrest” Ricardo Ordieres

October 15, 2013


For those of you teenage gals that weren’t an active WeKnowTheDj reader back in February, I sat down with Ricardo Ordieres, who was an up and coming Youtube star. He quickly gained a very large fanbase with the help of his co-owned channels TheseDudez and Our2ndLife. We discussed his current life in San Antonio, his adoration for Ryan Seacrest and his plans for the future. Have those plans came to fruition? I got the opportunity to sit back down with him once again! Please enjoy this really revealing interview about Ricardo and what has happened since his last sit down with WeKnowTheDj.com!

The last time you were on WeKnowTheDj was February 2nd earlier this year. You were living in San Antonio, going to university, and hosting your radio show on your local station, KROV, on the weekend. In the eight month time period from then until now, what’s changed?

Well first off, since then I’ve moved to Los Angeles! I’ve worked for the morning show of one of the top radio stations in LA. And then, I did a taping for a certain MTV show that will be airing really soon! I’ve been doing a lot of interviews, too. Got to meet up with Austin Mahone again, and that was pretty nice. And I’ve been hosting a lot of show, man!

So in hind sight, you’ve been an amateur Ryan Seacrest?

That’s exactly what I’ve been being, haha!

What’s the biggest difference between San Antonio and Los Angeles?

Um, people? Haha, and how tough it can be when you get on your own.

I was just going to say weather, but okay.

Weather, yeah! Well the weather, for sure, but definitely making it on your own in the beginning is really tough. Definitely a much bigger difference compared to San Antonio, because in San Antonio, I was living with my parents; my bed would get made, I’d have food on the table, I’d have money. But here, I have to work to make money. Whether that’s interviews or whatever, I’m surviving on my own. But in the end, it’ll pay off.

Yes! Because when you first moved out to Los Angeles, you were sharing a place with roommates, right?


But now you’re completely on your own?

Yeah, this isn’t something that a lot of people know, actually. When I came out here, I didn’t have a plan. I just had the opportunities that were presented and opening up to me. So I said, ‘Whatever! I’m gonna move out to LA, and I’m just gonna do it!’ I had no idea what I was going to do, I just came. So from the end of May to July, I stayed with four roommates, but the thing is, they all had their own rooms. My room was the living room. I was sleeping on the couch for two months. And it was so packed in that apartment. No privacy, whatsoever.

So privacy for you was basically nonexistent?

Exactly! My roommates were set, but for me, my bed was the couch. The bathroom was so tiny and small, but you just have to do what you can to make it.

So for two months, you were just living couch to couch?

Unfortunately. All I had was me and my clothes! Still paying rent from the comfort of my couches, haha! But the thing was, in my second shared apartment, I was living there and still had to borrow keys. And on top of that, I had to pay for parking, six to twelve bucks per day every day, for a solid month.

So you were a resident and STILL had to pay that much for parking?

Yeah. Because I didn’t have a permit for my car. And twelve bucks a day for thirty days adds up. Fast. But I was just a guest for like three weeks. But the worst part was when my roommates’ dad came in and told me that the point of my roommates living together was to bond. And they couldn’t do that with me there. So he said ‘I’m sorry’ and just..

You got kicked out. Unceremoniously, I must add.

If you want to word it like that, yes! But then I had two days to find a place to live. And for those two days, I was living in my car. And that sucks. But then my friend and her amazing family took me in for two days and two nights, and that following day, I FINALLY got my own place. So now I’m living in Burbank, and I have my own place.


But of course! So I have my own place, and I’ve been hosting all summer. And working with the top radio station in LA. Couldn’t ask for more.

You moved out to Los Angeles late May-early June. In that four month period to now, what’s been the biggest thing that’s happened since moving out there?

The biggest thing? Probably the taping for the MTV show I’ll be on. But other than that, working for my IDOL’s radio station.

Oh wait! One big difference that a lot of people has noticed from the last time you were on has been your Youtube activity. You were on Our2ndLife, TheseDudez, and your own channel RicardoOrdieresTV. Your Youtube activity went from 0-100 when you first started back in August of 2012 to April of this year, then from 100-0 to now, basically. One of those channels is basically nonexistent for you, and the other one is just there. And then you have RicardoOrdieresTV. What happened?

So with O2L, I was just taking a different direction with my career. At that point, the group and I just have two different lifestyles. The other six members do Youtube as a hobby. Like their DREAM is to be on Youtube and travel the nation and the world and meet fans.

So essentially, they had Youtube has a hobby. And you had Youtube as a hobby AND a job?

Basically, yeah. Everybody knows that my dream is to be a television host and personality, producer, radio host, and all these other careers. That’s always been my dream and passion, y’know? Youtube starting out was great, because I got to introduce myself to a lot of people but at the same time back in May, that’s when all of the opportunities in LA starting opening up, which was unfortunate for Youtube, but I had to take that opportunity. In this business, if you don’t take an opportunity the moment it’s given, someone else will. And I couldn’t let that happen.

So essentially, you are on a Youtube hiatus?

Exactly. And thanks to this interview, people will know that I just didn’t have the time. Between managing my life, not having a place to live, barely having food to eat and THEN having to manage Youtube? I just wouldn’t have been able to do it. What a lot of people don’t realize is that I come across really positive on Twitter and Facebook, which I am. But I’ve sacrificed SO much to live here in LA. I’m sacrificing so much time and money. I got a flat tire, my car got towed, and when I get booked for events, I spend the entire day at that event. Youtube just wasn’t up for discussion. And with the industry I’m in, I hope that I can make it back to Youtube. But it’s not like I’m finished with Youtube. I’ll be back. And thing is, Our2ndLife and TheseDudez will always live on, because fans don’t forget. I read my Instagram comments. I read my mentions on Twitter, and they think that, because I left, that we’re fighting. But the one thing that is NOT true is drama between me and the other members of O2L. Me and the other members are completely fine.

Last question. And it’s probably the most irrelevant question but, X Factor USA live shows start in two weeks. Who’s your favorite? Out of every contestant?

How about this. My favorites that I was looking forward to watching every single week were Al Calderon, Chase Goehring, and Stone Martin. Those were the three that I was honestly looking forward to watching. But now that Paulina booted them all off, I don’t know if I’ll be watching.

Thanks for sitting down with WeKnowTheDj again! I know this interview has been a long one!

Oh no worries! It was my pleasure. And if you come back to me in another eight months, I guarantee that more will have happened!

For information on booking Ricardo Ordieres for future events, please contact his manager at Jennifer@ElevateEntertainmentGroup.com.

-Blake M


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