Transformation Tuesday: Lady Gaga

October 16, 2013

How weird is it to think that Lady Gaga released her debut album over five years ago? I was a freshman in high school when I first heard the singles “Just Dance,” “Poker Face,” “Love Game” and “Paparazzi.” Since releasing The Fame, saying a lot has changed in the life of Mother Monster is an understatement. She has gained a giant following from fans throughout the world (with more than 40 million Twitter followers), has been involved in many controversies, released three (soon-to-be four) extremely popular albums, and embarked on three tours worth millions.

From meat dresses to dressing completely like a dude, to see-through clothing and everything in between, Lady Gaga has changed her appearance a lot from when she began. Remember for “Just Dance” when she looked  normal for a pop star, but wore big sunglasses with a rock on one lens and people thought online casino THAT was weird? Fast forward to a month ago at the VMA’s… can you say nightmare?

However, the really cool thing about Lady Gaga is that her appearance gives people something to talk about, thus keeping her popular.

Her clothes are not the only transition she”s made in becoming such a big star. The singer/songwriter has iconic hits that make people want to get up and dance. In addition to singing, she is also an activist; she”s always expressed a passion for the support of LGBT rights but recently got more involved. Gaga does everything; she”s like the James Franco of the music industry. Machete Kills was released over the weekend, starring Gaga. She is also a record producer and fashion designer.

Another thing that has gotten better about Gaga is her choreography. She’s always been a great dancer, but over the past few years, her moves have become much more technical and unique. Check out some of her most memorable moments so far below!


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-Brooke. P


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