Taylor Swift Returning to the Big Screen!

October 3, 2013

the giver

It seems as though Taylor Swift has decided to return to the big screen! Swift has been confirmed by Billboard to star in the film adaptation of the 1993 novel and 1994 Newberry Medal winner, The Giver, written by Lois Lowry.

It was first reported by Page Six that Taylor attended a meeting with one of the film’s actors. Swift will find herself alongside Katie Holmes, Meryl Streep,  and Jeff Bridges along with other confirmed cast members of The Giver. Other cast members include Alex Skarsgard of HBO’s “True Blood”, Cameron Monaghan of “Shameless”, and Odeya Rush of “The Odd Life of Timothy Green”. The Giver will give Taylor her most high-profile role yet. Swift, whose role has not been specified, has starred in the 2010 romantic comedy “Valentine’s Day”, Dr. Suess’ “The Lorax”, “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”, and various other television shows.

The Giver is about a boy named Jonas (Thwaites) who lives in a utopian society. Each resident of this utopian society must take part  in a ceremony called the Ceremony of Twelve, where they are assigned their job that they will have for the rest of their lives by the Chief Elder (Streep). Jonas is appointed to be the Receiver of Memories and must train for this job by the community’s Giver (Bridges).

The movie, which is slated for an August 2014 release date, will be directed by Phil Noyce, who also directed the 2010 box office smash “Salt”. The Giver starts filming in Cape Town, South Africa October 7th.

-Blake M


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