Taylor Swift Releases “Sweeter Than Fiction” on Music Monday

October 24, 2013


Although Taylor Swift has no official plans for a new album, she just dropped a catchy, retro-ish new single that has “Swifties” raving. While Justin Bieber was doing Music Mondays, and Lady Gaga was releasing “Do What U Want,” Taylor tossed up “Sweeter Than Fiction,” an original song from the upcoming British film One Chance. The movie, which is produced by Simon Cowell, tells the story of Paul Potts, a phone salesman who became an opera star after winning Britain’s Got Talent.

Inspired by the film’s message, Taylor told Taste of Country: “You’re expecting to go in and see a movie of someone who makes his dreams come true, but what you don’t realize is you’re actually being told a story of the love his wife…has for him.”

Co-written with fun. guitarist Jack Antonoff (gal-pal Lena Dunham’s boyfriend), “Sweeter Than Fiction” is sang from the perspective of a fan who believed in a performer’s abilities before anyone else did.

“That was the story that hit me and really affected me. I wanted to tell a story musically from that perspective,” adds the singer.

Light, peppy, and with a catchy 80’s bubblegum feel, the song is absurdly magical and sounds like a fitting backdrop for a dream come true.

Taylor sings: “There you stand, ten feet tall I will say, ‘I knew it all along.’ Your eyes are wider than distance. This life is sweeter than fiction.”

Although the song is definitely not a game-changer, it is now stable in the top 10 on iTunes, and has received generally favorable reviews from the media. Listen to “Sweeter Than Fiction” below and tell @weknowthedj your thoughts on T-Swift’s new record!

One Chance hits theaters on October 25th in the UK, and Swift’s song will run during the credits. From the sounds of it, we think it’ll be a happy ending.

“Sweeter Than Fiction” is available for purchase on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/sweeter-than-fiction-from/id728846609?i=728846926

-Jenni M. @JenniferKayMo

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