One Direction tease new single “Story of My Life”

October 23, 2013


With the release of their newest single just days away, the five-part dream team that comprises One Direction simply couldn’t resist teasing fans. Though the single itself, entitled “Story of My Life”, will be available in full this Friday, Directioners can get a taste of what the song will sound like through a 16-second clip that’s been released by the band.

The preview comes as a surprise reward after Directioners succeeded in trending four phrases related to the boy band on Twitter yesterday. It may only be 16 seconds long, but the teaser quickly establishes a mellowed-down tone from the quintet’s first single, “Best Song Ever”. Through an instrumental-heavy backing, “Story of My Life” adheres to a mid-tempo beat, utilizing a guitar hook to pull listeners in.

Singing “the story of my life I give her hope / I spend her love until she’s broke inside / the story of my life”, the track is already shaping up to be a more emotionally-charged piece than “Best Song Ever”, which supports previous statements made by the band that the album these singles are being drawn from – the upcoming Midnight Memories – will comprise a more mature, edgy sound than what we’ve heard.

“Story of My Life” will be released for full play on Friday, followed by its release for purchase on October 28th.

Check out the 16-second preview below:

-Shelley DeHekker


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