One Direction release “Midnight Memories” cover art and track list – details inside!

October 18, 2013

It’s the moment Directioners have been waiting for (well, one of many).

One Direction has released the album artwork and track list for their upcoming album, Midnight Memories – and we’re kind of obsessed.

The album, which is 1D’s third, is already shattering records. Just this week, it became the fastest-selling album on Amazon UK – ever. And that’s just in pre-sales. If the artwork tells us anything, the record is set to be a delectably satisfying, notably mature take on their infectious pop-rock sound. Just check out those boys (*ahem* men):


Louis looks downright model-esque (think Titanic-era Leo diCaprio with a bad boy twist), Zayn is inhumanly gorgeous (and yes, he does do it right, as his shirt proclaims), and Liam is living up to his Daddy Directioner status with a chiseled gaze that grants him a sensual allure. Harry looks downright adorable with that cheeky dimpled grin, and Niall exudes an all-American, college boy flair that is simply to die for.

All in all, the Midnight Memories cover is the ultimate eye candy.

In addition to pleasing Directioners across the globe with a glorious ad-campaign-status cover, the boys released the official track list for the album:

  1. Best Song Ever
  2. Story of My Life
  3. Diana
  4. Midnight Memories
  5. You & I
  6. Don’t Forget Where You Belong
  7. Strong
  8. Happily
  9. Right Now
  10. Little Black Dress
  11. Through the Dark
  12. Something Great
  13. Little White Lies
  14. Better Than Words

In short, we’re dying.

“Story of My Life” is set to be the next single off the record, scheduled for an October 25th release. Three more songs are slated to drop in the following weeks, leading all the way up to the day the full album hits stores. And better yet: those who pre-order the album will receive all four singles as they’re released. Slowly but surely, the days leading up to a slew of new 1D music are morphing into Directioner heaven – and we’re loving every minute.

Midnight Memories hits iTunes and store shelves everywhere on November 25th.


-Shelley DeHekker


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