With All That Matters, Music Mondays and Film Fridays, Justin Bieber is Doing It BIG!

October 14, 2013


Justin Bieber doesn’t do anything small; every move he makes captures attention all over the world; from the media, to the general public and his incredibly supportive Beliebers, Bieber Fever has taken over! When Justin’s newest adventure, Music Mondays, was announced a couple of weeks ago, the world didn’t know what to expect. Unfortunately, most people still see Justin as the floppy hair kid with a high-pitched voice, singing Baby in a bowling alley. His personality, charm, and huge heart are the same as they were when he was fourteen, but everything else has changed. He’s evolving as a man and his music is making the transition with him. With the October 7th release of Heartbreaker, most of the world was pleasantly surprised. The genuine support from his fans is always present but the general public’s reaction has been incredible. After four months of constant teasing from everyone, including the WeKnowTheDJ team (sorry about that!), Heartbreaker made its mark, hitting the number 1 spot in 63 countries within 24 hours of its release.


How can you possibly follow that? Well, Bieber’s done it again (and will keep doing it over and over again) with the release of the second #MusicMondays track, All That Matters. In true Team Bieber teasing mode, Scooter Braun sent out a tweet on the Tuesday before All That Matters’ release, stating, “wow. listening to the mix for next week’s #musicmondays song from @justinbieber – the kid is bringing R&B back next week. LEGGO!!” The teasing didn’t stop there though! Instagram pictures were uploaded all week of the simple yet creative cover art for this week’s single and lyrics were slyly posted throughout the week! The man behind the turntables, DJ Tay James himself, has even called All That Matters “by far one of my favorite Justin Bieber records” on Instagram. When a track receives the Taylor James seal of approval, you know it’s a good one!


With an ever-present slow R&B vibe, All That Matters is Justin’s most personal track to date, as the nineteen year old opens his heart to the world. Justin penned his Journals as a method for him to be honest and share his feelings. While we can’t confirm exactly what was floating through Bieber’s mind as he wrote this track, it’s definitely about a relationship and getting love back. With verses like, “Whenever you’re not in my presence, It feels like I’m missing my blessings,” and “I’m grateful for your existence, Faithful no matter the distance, You’re the only girl I see, From the bottom of my heart please believe,” Justin shows how committed he was to said past relationship, no matter its outcome. Throughout the entire song, Justin wonders ‘what’s a king bed without a queen’ and adds in an important lesson, “There ain’t no “I” in team.” As we begin week two of ten, All That Matters is the main priority; it’s expected to hit the top of the iTunes charts within the first few hours of its release and obviously we’re not surprised; make sure you support Justin and purchase the track!

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It doesn’t stop there though! We’re getting closer and closer to the Christmas Day release of the Believe Movie, which will only be in theaters for ONE WEEK. With the success of Justin’s first film, Never Say Never, we’re anxiously awaiting the arrival of Believe! But, it wouldn’t be a Team Bieber release without excess teasing, would it? Justin has stuck with the “same letter as the weekdays” theme with the newest announcement of #FilmFridays! For every #MusicMondays song that hits the number one spot, a sneak-peek clip from Believe will be posted on Justin’s YouTube! We’ve posted the first #FilmFridays clip below, #thestache shows just how much Bieber is maturing so be sure to check that out! Want to see more? Push each #MusicMonday track to the top of the charts and you’ll see nine more #FilmFriday exclusives!

Justin Bieber is a perfectionist in every possible way; he takes selfies over and over again until he knows his 11 million Instagram followers are going to love them, and he spends countless days in the studio perfecting music unlike anyone else. For Bieber, there’s no “off days,” he’s always working to make himself better and to please the people who mean the most to him, his Beliebers. The world may still be hesitant to accept Justin’s new sound but Scooter Braun has confirmed it’s going to be huge! A day after Heartbreaker’s release, Scooter gave his 3.1 million Twitter followers a hint, “just made some big moves with the #journals #musicmondays songs. wait until people hear what is coming @justinbieber! WOW” As week two of ten has arrived, we’re spending all of our time listening to Heartbreaker and All That Matters while anxiously awaiting the next eight weeks. Be sure to send a tweet to @weknowthedj and let us know your thoughts on All That Matters, available for purchase here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/all-that-matters-single/id723221732

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